Monday, February 8, 2010

The Forgotten God

Hi Blog World.

I am sitting in the Wake Forest Coffee Company. I have been here for quite a while and have quite a while to go but I needed a break from graphing x(x+2)>0 and reading about early westward expansion in the United States.

I love WFCC for a couple reasons.
1. I can sit, listen to music, get free internet, do homework without being bothered by family or dogs or anything.
2. All around me are Seminary students and i get to sit here and hear many conversations about the Lord and it just gives me a smile.

Today I am sitting in "my chair"... a big lounge chair in the corner with a side table and a great view of the rest of the shop. I am listening to "Holy" by Jesus Culture and blogging. :)

I can't help but smile right now... not because of where I am or what Im doing but for the sole reason that the Holy Spirit dwells within me. I know He does because their is a new joy within me and their is a new reason to love and smile. I love people and family more than I used to. I can hardly handle the love that fills my heart! It is unlike anything I have ever felt before.

A friend and I were sitting at Brueggers one afternoon just hanging out and we had this conversation about the Holy Spirit and how we commonly disregard Him as a powerful part of the Holy Trinity. We felt the constant tug to come to Him but we resisted so much. My friend gave me this analogy.... Its like we are standing behind the door and pushing with all our might. On the other side of the door is the Holy Spirit. As hard as we push there is still some of the Holy light that pours into the room and with every bit of light our longing for that grows but because of human nature and worldly fears of His power we push harder against the door. ... After that conversation my friend and I started fighting in prayer for each other and ourselves personally. We prayed that the Holy Spirit would crush that door we were hiding behind and fight His way into our hearts.

... that was about 2 or 3 months ago and I can honestly by the name of the Lord most High say that the Holy Spirit answered our prayers and came "in widely, swords swinging" (excerpt from a song by Jess Ray and the Rag Tag Army) and fought for us and lit up our hearts with a burning longing fire and a joyful soul.

Of course I can never claim to know the Holy Spirit fully but slowly He is claiming me and my life and I willingly give it up for His use! For the change He has already made has just been the most incredible time period of my life! Its almost indescribable. Worship has become so personal and insanely important to me. Worldly fears that I had struggled with before have ceased. My heart filled with more love for everyone... that is excluding almost no one! I can hardly believe it myself!

The Holy Spirit is powerful and not to be forgotten or afraid of.

Worthy Father, Loving Savior, Holy Spirit I exalt thee,

ps. The Forgotten God is a book by Francis Chan... READ IT


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