Monday, March 15, 2010

First Blog Post in 10,000 Years!!

Okay so I know I have been gone... but Junior Year has killed my time! Please notice that from when I started in Freshman Year how much I have decreased in amount of posts. Anywho this year has kept me plenty busy and to be quite honest I should be doing other stuff right now. ha.

This weekend has been great. I have gotten to spend some one-on-one time with a best friend while she has been recuperating from a minor oral surgery... (wisdom teeth)... She has just needed a couple of other hands to help her out with her busy schedule while she gets back fully on her feet. But I have loved every minute! I adore being an assistant! That has to be one of the greatest jobs! There is something so joyous in helping and serving someone else in their needs! I wish I had millions of dollars just so I could spend it lavishly on others. I just love helping people out and I want to lift up a shout of praise to the Lord for laying this gift down upon me because otherwise I am a selfish and prideful person!

Next subject to keep you updated on... Schoolio. Well Junior Year is kicking my butt! Lets just say I have gotten a few grades that I have never seen before. But I am relying on the Lord. I believe that He has a plan for my life and I have a security of mind in that! I am not worrying about my future and I know that He will provide what I need for a future in Him. What is their to worry about with a faithful God like ours? College? I have no idea! Will I worry? Nope. Career? Life? Future? I have not a clue? Will I worry? Nope... It isnt like i have given up on trying at school or anything like that its just that I know that if I come before the Lord in prayer and in growing in His word and seeking Him first I know He will lead my heart in the direction I need to go to fulfill His will on my life. So there. He wins.

Subject number three... I dont really know of another subject. My life is getting steadily more and more about the Trinity and His effects on my life! Anything else you wanna know about me... is probably useless information BUT just contact me!

I love you whoever you are... I promise I do!