Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Good Days Work

Im am at work.
So it is about 6:02pm on Thursday July 30, 2009. The shop is officially closed. Whether people realize this and do not come in is another subject.
Report of the Day:
We had a decent day of sales. A good flow of customers throughout the day. Including my favorite breeds. Children and men looking for presents for their significant other. Children are always fun! They like to talk to you and find out what you are doing. They always have something interesting to say or never gets boring. And then there is my other favorite breed. The men always come in and have this one look on their faces! Its a look that says "I am in uncharted teritory and I have no clue what i am doing. HELP ME!" You can basically always detect it and it is fun! and when you ask them if you can help and breath of relief flows out of them! haha. Its pretty comical. But other than the customers I got most of my To Do Today List done. I have a couple of things to finish up tomorrow but they are little projects.
But now it is time to go and whitney is standing over me with this look that say.. Alright lets go! haha so I must leave you but i will write again soon.
The Quote of the Day:
Little Girl: " I'm interested in eating a cockroach."
Me: "Why?"
Little Girl: "Cause they taste fleshy!"
hahaha. I thought yall would enjoy that!

the worker,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

And Now Back to the Future.

I am lying on the floor of the apartment.
I have been thinking a lot about the future lately. I blame the apt. They have all been talking about the future a lot in the past few weeks.
But what happens when i go to college? What happens when i leave this place? This place that i love so much. This place where painted birds and laughter surround my every move. A place were a guitar or a piano is a common sound that flows through my ears. This place were sitting on a red couch with a puppy in your lap is an every day occurrence. The place where the three most important girls in my life occupy its area. My sisters.
Its a sad thought i know. But really the probability of just Jess making it to my senior year or graduation without leaving is pretty slim. My bet is she leaves next summer. Not at all saying that I want it!! Good gosh, i think ill cry for a week! and I am so not joking about that at all! It might be longer.
Catherine...really I am clueless to what could happen within the next two years of her life. The phrase "God only knows." is really perfect for how i feel about Catherine's future. In two years she could be in Thailand...whoa! Talk about bitter-sweet! Catherine going to Thailand would be awesome but seriously...moving all the way across the world? But its in Gods perfect hands.
Whitney...yeah well. Heres what im thinking...whit meets a guy. Guy is perfect. They marry. and this all happens within a couple years. But when was it about what i was thinking? Again, God has a plan. But all i can say...Im gunna miss her, like unbelievably much!
But lets say, hypothetically of course, that they all make it to when I go to college. Saying goodbye to not only them but to everyone here. I am so ready for college but in that respect...i am SOO not ready!
Listen to me, i am going on about college when that is two years away. But in reality that is such a short amount of time. I want to treasure every moment i have with these girls. It could be a year before one of them leaves my life...maybe for quite a long time.
Today was awesome because I got to spend time with Catherine! Which lately has been kind of scattered! I am getting to help her out on something that I am very excited about!
Now i get to spend entire days with my sister because i work with her! For 8 hours a day for 4 days a week, i get to spend time with her! How exciting is that? Its perfect, let me just tell you!
And Jess. Well I have been able to spend a couple days with her pre-wedding and then i spent a couple days with her at the beach post wedding. But now I might see her for the next few days...but then!!! She leaves for like 2 weeks or so! I'll miss her like crazy...and she better be ready for some love texts [random texts that say I love you].
I need sleep.

Trusting in God's more that capable hands,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Responsibilities of a Sixteenth Year Old Heart.

Last year on my sixteenth birthday I got a card. In this card was a note from someone very special to me. Her name is Catherine Elizabeth Walker. This note started out with a little birthday poem. A silly poem written by the Dr. Cat Seuss herself. And then comes the good stuff. The stuff i could read over and over again just because i know that Catherine wrote it. But there was one thing that always stuck out to me. It was one sentence that stuck with me throughout the next 7 months.

" You're 16, which means more is going to be expected of you... :) "

I didn't know what she meant. I was very confused for a long time. But I think I just realized what she was talking about.

The last three weeks, or all of July, has been a whirlwind of new and "older people" things. It all started with my License. You know the "right of passage" of a 16 year old, whatever that means. Five days after that, I got a cell phone. Yet another acceptance technique for all teens...whatever. I just wanted to be able to communicate with my friends at any point in the day without having to ask someone else. Next...I got a job! Seriously! Stephanie Lauren Drummond got a job!

Skip to a week later...

I get my first pay check...which was quite nice i might add. Therefore I needed a bank account. So I went to the bank and set up my checking and savings account. So just think about it for a my purse there are the following new items: Keys to all the various cars that the Drummond household owns joined with a key to the house and the apt, a plastic card that states i can drive aka a drivers license, a cell phone, and now a plastic card that allows money to flow from me to whatever I plan on buying with MY money! This is insane.

But I'm not done...

Today I got a text from my co-worker aka my sister. This text contained words that, formed together, made a question that asked if I wanted more days of work...or in my head...more time with the sis, Holly Aiken, Rey Rey, and more money to save for various expenses that are coming up! My answer...yes. So now I will be working 4 days a week for 8 hours a day...downtown, with my sister, and at Stitch!!! Seriously, is there a better first job for a 16 year old! ANDD... I will also be working on Saturdays throughout the school year! I am sooo excited!

But you know what...this still isnt what Catherine was talking about. Yes, all of these things are giving me more responsibility and tasks but that wasn't what she meant.

This next year I will be a Junior in High School. With that I will have a ton of school and theatre responsibilities, that at this moment i wont go into...mostly cause i don't want to think about them. And they have no meaning to what I am about to go into.

Being a Junior I am going to have curtain responsibilities pertaining to the Lord. Not like i don't have them every other year of my life. But I remember when I was a youngster coming into youth group. I remember looking up to those "juniors."... Katie, Anna, and John. I know how important it is that I am a good leader for them. I need to show them Christ in my actions. It might be the first time they get to see Christ in a them, but different. I want to show Christ to them! I want to lead them into the light.

So that might just be the tiniest bit of what Catherine meant but i cant wait to find out all the other things that are going to happen in the next 5 months of my 16 year old life.

Oh and I almost forgot to add the last part of what Catherine said after that sentence...

"But, I know and trust that you will not disappoint."

Thank you Catherine for an encouragement,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking Ahead

The School Year is only about a month away.

I can't even believe I typed that out on my own. I am dreading it. Ahh this just scares me!

Okay so I have like a couple days worth of AP Summer work that i must get done within this month but

God has already revealed to me that this year is going to be tough. He has already laid in my lap the vision of me crying myself to sleep at nights at the struggles of this year. It is my junior year and let me just list the things I will be participating in:

  • AP U.S. History...aka The Hardest AP Course in the Wakefield Curriculum. ( Year Long Course)
  • AP English 3 (Year Long Course)
  • AP Environmental Science
  • Honors Pre-Calculus
  • Stage Managing.
  • Theatre in general.
  • Tech for Church yr. 2
  • Working with Lifted and Remember Nhu AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
  • Graduation Project
  • Jess and the Band....which means helping out with them as much as possible.
  • Anything else Jess asks me to do...cause I can't say no to her and I never want to say no.
  • Work.
  • Raising money for Life 2010.
  • Raising money for a car.
  • College Decisions
  • Life in general.

Can I handle all of that?

The answer to that question is yes. You wanna know why i know how? Because I have faith that God will equip me with everything I need to get through this year. I'm not saying that i wont have hard times and rough patches but one thing that I must hold onto is that God will be right beside me. And I know that He will teach me so much.

My planner is going to be my best friend.

Prayers for this year are much appreciated!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Sister Type Bond.

Today I watched something amazing.

Today I watched as two best friends clung onto the last few moments they had together. Even though really they have days, every moment is crucial. I had the privilege to watch as they did something that is very special to both of them; they made music together. They sat on the piano bench and just sang. They played songs that they had played for years. Songs that meant so much to each of them. Songs they had sung together since they were teenagers.

But this time there were tears. This time they had flashbacks to when they were teenagers and they were just learning to sing. The realizations that they had voices. The laughter filled nights that lead to the learning of that particular song. The Minki Moments.

I sat there and my mind went to the sisterly love they shared. I thought of all the moments i have seen them together. The different kind of laughter they share for only each other. The personalities that come out only when they are together. The voices that mesh together, just oh so perfectly. The tales of their teenhood days. I sat and wanted to cry with them. A friendship was being broken by 5 1/2 of land.

The rest of the day I thought mainly about that moment. That moment, that bond, between the best friends. As I thought and as I pondered on what the future was going to contain, I realized something.

People always say that a friendship bond cannot be broken by land or sea. Plainly, sometimes that is not true. Take it from someone who has moved. BUT, and this is a huge but, this friendship is different. This friendship is a sisterhood. And I hate how The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has now cushioned the word Sisterhood. Because a sisterhood is literally a bond that, no matter what, can never be broken. And its kind of cheesy but it is legitimately how I see their relationship. They are no longer just friends, they became sisters a long time ago. I have watched them very closely, however creepy that sounds...its just the way I am...I am observant. But they are truly something special.

And as I read back over what i have written, I hate how commercial i sound. I sound like everyone else who tries to comfort a separation of friends. The same old lines " Yall are different." "Your bond REALLY can't be broken." I mean look at any going away card in Hallmark and you will see the same lines over and over again. I completely don't like that I cant think of anything more original. And personally when things change I absolutely HATE when people say, "Everything is going to be okay." I know that when they say that my thoughts are as follows: "Could yall just be quite because yall dont know what its gunna be like! What if its not okay? What if things change for the worst and not for the better?" But you know what I have learned from all of that...all I can do is trust God.

But anyway all I say is true. All I wrote is my feelings towards the matter. Which is assuming of me to think that I should even have feelings on the situation. But I love them both and I dont like to see them hurting.

So I hope that even for a moment I gave some comfort.

Jessie: I love you my darling. This post could have been a horrid thing for me to do or a great one...I am still undecided at the moment. Maybe you could help me with that...blink once if you didnt like this and blink twice if you did like it. Well on second thought, I wont see you when you do that sooo...bad idea. hehe. But the next time i see you, which will probably be at the wedding and you will be all pretty, I am going to give you a big hug. Just to give you a reference...Think hug after my baptism cause thats what im going for. love you.

Sorry to all Minkis and Apt Gals if I cropped you out of a picture.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Kate McRae - Bring the Body Together!

Okay so there is this little girl, a brave little girl. Her name is Kate McRae. This little blond haired, blue eyed beauty has just recently discovered that she has a tumor on her tiny little brain. One of my sister's best friends is this little girls aunt. This situation is wearing on the hearts of this family. They are both physically and mentally tired. And all they ask for is prayer.

Everyone, we have a chance to pray together has the body of Christ. Whether you know this little girl named Kate or not. Whether you live in the west, east, south, north. We are the body of Christ. Let us come together to cry out to the Lord for miracle healing for this little girl and for strength for the family. Raise them up to God.

We have to come to God with a strong heart. Knowing that He can save, because He can. But it is up to Him to save. We must pray with firmness of heart.

Shelly Moore just posted this little girl's story on her blog this morning. I have decided to try to get it out to as many people as possible. So is guess i am trying to start a Blog Prayer Chain. So please if you read this, post her story on your blog. Keep it going. Inform the body of Christ. And also let this be a light to non-believers. Show them the firmness of our faith.

These are a few update videos that the family of Kate have posted on Youtube...also go to this link HERE for more information and consistent updates from the family.

Pray for Kate McRae

Pray for Kate McRae - Update Part II

This last video is a video of a song written by an artist out of Nashville for Kate.

Kate McRae - Little Light

Also the Video Bar on my page will now be holding all Kate Update videos.

Please Pray with me and the rest of the body,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Words from a Licensed Driver

I got my license!

So tonight was my first time alone in a car...driving down the road! Whoa! I know!

I am was awesome!

Literally, I drove down Falls [a well known road where i live] and I had the windows rolled down and the sunroof open and the music was a full blast! It was fantastic! Then I drove and picked up my friend from her house and we went to our favorite fast food resturant...Zaxby's!! It was great! We just ate and just talked...just the two of us!

So when we got back into the car i noticed that I got a call from a friend! The voicemail went like this: "You got your license!!! Which means your life has changed FOREVER!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!...Im so excited for you!!!" I love her! That was perfect!

Then we headed to Starbies [starbucks] and met my brother there! Free Coffee...its the way to go!

Finally i had to take Hannah home and so I dropped her off at her house. and then headed for The Apt. As i drove there, I got a call from my sister! "Where are you?...Wait you are talking on the phone and driving!! Hang up! Now!" haha! So i got to The Apt and hung out there for a while and then the worst part of the whole night...9pm curfew instated by the state of NC for the first 6 months of my driving! But thats okay because it let me drive again...even if it did mean i had to leave the apt! But i'll see them later...probably tomorrow. haha.

So...perfect first driving-on-my-own experience! yay!

a licensed driver,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good night for Music

This is a picture of my new place of work!

My Daddy is practicing.

I am sitting in my living room, it is dark. The only lights that pours in are the lights from the summer setting sun and the illuminating light from this computer screen. But my Daddy is pacing back and forth with the music blaring from the iHome and even louder his voice is thundering within the walls of the house tonight. He is practicing for this Sunday's worship service.

You see, if you dont know my family or my dad, my dad has a pretty impeccable voice! It is powerful and has a insanely incredible range. Which is exactly what I need right now because there are just a few things right now. Those being: I was supposed to get my license today but my grandmother came up for a surprise visit, tomorrow is looking unlikely because my mom has some dinner to get ready for...ugh...and I'm home. Which, pretty much, I would rather be at the apt...all the time.

BUT...I HAVE A JOB! My sister works at this purse designer Holly Aiken Bags! And now I got offered a part time job there also!! I get to work WITH my sister AT a bag designer! Its so awesome!!! Im so excited! I get money and i get to spend time with my sister! Yes! I like this idea!

Good week,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Im Not at the Beach Syndrome

Im sitting on my messy bed in the corner of my messy room. My skin is slightly darker than the last time I posted and my hair has turned a lighter shade of brown. My floor is covered with piles of "Clean Laundry," "Dirty Laundry," suitcases, sleeping bags, and make-shift sleeping arrangements. All very blatant clues that, together, spell out "I went to the beach."

Clues such as:
Bathing Suits strewn around the room in different piles, sunscreen hidden behind water-proof mascara on my dresser, shorts, cover-ups, and lots of T-shirts make up the rest of the items on the floor.

Yes, I went to the beach. Not just any beach... The Beach of all Beaches ... Beaufort, NC. Or if you really want to know of the beach there, it's Atlantic Beach. We spent the 4th of July weekend at a friend's beach house. A house that will always have a special place in my heart. Over the last two years that place has become a home away from home for me. And its not even my family's house. Well the owners are like family. There has just been so many great memories there for me... The Girls Weekend, The Cookout last summer, The Band Weekend, 2009 4th of July weekend.

This weekend we made memories like... Setting off illegal fireworks on a dock and not getting caught, John aiming a firework in the wrong direction [towards us!], Midnight fishing, Jet skiing with Jessie, Sand Dollar searching on Carrot Island, Finding out that Whitney can do the "Can-Can" haha, The 4th of July parade, floating in the sound with a kiddy pool, Gayle, Rheanna, "Oh Bah Gah I love it!", Sparkler writing, Gayle's Cookout, ...the list could go on forever.

But now we are back. Back to unpacking, messy rooms, and reality. My reality is that my summer life consists of watching movies all day, eating tons of junk food, and sometimes the pool. And I have come to terms with that. At first it was a bore but now i have grown accustomed to it and I do indeed enjoy it. But we will all be a little down for the next few days. Its called "Not being at the Beach Syndrome."

Things to look forward too:
  • License in 2 days
  • Heather's wedding in less than 2 weeks
  • Fun at the apt
  • Summer AP school work...hey i know im a nerd.
  • More beach [crossing my fingers]
  • Jessie's CD in 2 months
  • Everyone else's CDs
  • Possibly a trip to Boone...please.
  • Maybe Possibly by some chance if the stars align...and I ask...Coffee Date with Jessie.
  • Daryl coming home from Cambodia
Hmm i like those ideas.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Needed a Bit of The Good O'l Days

Whitta and Jessie spent the night last night!

It was just like the old days. The old days being last year;

Jess has always spoken about how The House used to be their house. When they were teenagers the house to be at was the good home of the Rays. And then it changed. The kids grew up and people started to move away, go to school, and get adult lives. But we moved here, when everyone was moving in the opposite direction. Our house became the new "House." Our house was the house everyone stared hanging out at.

This is when we met Jess and Catherine.

They were cool and funny and put all of us together and you got a group that didn't stop having fun. Smiles were everywhere, laughter was constant and late nights were our signature. Somehow we always ended up back at our house. So many late nights started to occur that a rule had to be put into place:

After 1am Ray Rule:
Whatever house you are at when the clock strikes 1am, stay there!

After that rule the summer was literally spent with a continuous Sleepover Approved Bedroom. Which means that my room, our room then, always was stocked with blankets, pillows, and extra sleep wear for any of our 1am nights.

I loved it; I loved them.

But the rule of life states that their can never be one "house" your entire life. So by the end of the summer Whitney, Jessica, and Catherine were apartment searching.

The ultimate sleepover...getting a apartment together.

By the beginning of my sophomore year and the beginning of September they were moving out of my room and moving into the new place.

Before Last night both of them hadn't spent the night since my birthday and before that...the summer! And of course I spend most of my spare time at the new place... "The Apt" ... but i still miss my room being covered with makeshift beds and waking up with my mom cooking breakfast for us. We dont fall asleep anymore talking or messing with Jess by saying some weird word like "Peanut Butter" and then getting quiet like we are going to bed! haha. We dont fall asleep in each other arms while we play with each others hair or fit 4 in a bed. I just miss it sometimes.

But by saying that I must say that I am so blessed by having these amazing friends/sisters that I can spend my days and nights with. The Apt is my weekend home and I adore it. I want to thank each one of those girls for being fantastic.

Last night was a great dream, now back to reality,