Saturday, January 31, 2009

Live from NRC Tech Booth.

So Im here at the church and im up in the booth "doing sound"...yeah right. Well im here on the call of one Jessie to help them out with sound while they practice...but the thing is, is that im not the best sound manager type of person. Yeah i know what the definition of EQ and AUX are but seriously put me on a sound board and i get nervous. Especially when you add Dan Seaman [the best sound/technician i know] and Jessica Ray [ second best technician i know]. Sheesh. As i look at the board scares me. What if I mess up? What if i screw up? What if...what if...what if?? I need to learn to be confident in what i am doing. I mean i am going to be working with this for rest of my life. Ill get over it...eventually. 

They sound amazing! Just to let you know...=].

Their voices are making me smile, 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Name.


There are only 26 letters in the English Alphabet. People have estimated that there are anywhere between 600,000 to 988,968 words in the English Language. There are approximately 74 one word prepositions. Thousands of Verbs. Thousands of Nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives. Hundreds of Swear words but only 7 of them are not allowed on television. Hundreds of Slang terms we have made up for years.

Jesus Christ.
Two words that have more power than all of those words combined. Two words that reign. Two words that carry the pain and sufferings of the entire world. Two words that hold the sin of humans. Two words that forgives. Two words that saved. Two words that long for your sight so that He can point you directly to God.

One Name that brought salvation, forgiveness, redemption, righteousness, freedom to a world that didn't deserve it, light in the middle of black darkness, hope, joy, and an unending love.

And there you have it,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Picking out Courses with my Red Shoes on =]

So first day of our 2nd semester and they are already pushing our course choices for next year. And WHOA... Im gunna get my butt kicked next year! I just realized that other than math i am taking all main AP courses! Seriously...let me just give you a little peek into my desired schedule for next year.

  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP US History
  • AP English III
  • Honors Pre-Calculus
  • Trends and Movements in Young Adult Literature
  • Newspaper I [Application i dont know if i gunna get in yet]
  • Yearbook I [Application i dont know if i gunna get in yet]
  • Honors 20th Century Classics
  • Technical Theatre III
  • Honors Holocaust and Genocide in World Studies [possibly]
So yes...

But I got red shoes, dont you love them??

smiley while talking to Sam Bird,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Second Semester,

Je m'ppelle Stephanie! I totally learned that in French I this past semester...aren't yall proud?

So as of today at 10:45am. it was declared that my first semester of my sophomore year of high is officially over and done with. No more French I or Chemistry or Algebra II [i cant add Technical Theatre cause that will continue for the duration of my high school career]. I at least got all As and one B...seriously though im kinda disappointed in my B because it is a point away from an A and I just dont like Bs...As are better. Anywho, only 4 months and lets say about 3 weeks away from summer. But there are no breaks or days off until April....sucky! But thats okay, ill get through it. Cause you know Jess is always saying that we have too much school off so ill make up for it in these next two months.

Im too excited for this next semester!

  • Civics/Economics- eh, but i am in a class with a bunch of my friends soo...i think ill deal!
  • Creative Writing II- SOO EXCITED! A class where all we do is write and a lot of my friends are in that class as stoked.
  • French II-Basically it is my same class as French I so we will have fun together!
  • English II- I love English lets just put it that way!! I just cant wait! And i just found out that im in the same class with my good friend Abbey!! We 4th period together again! We will rock out that class!
Im so pumped. Tomorrow is our first day of our second semester so it will be a bunch of this is what we are doing in this class for the rest of the year and this is what you will need for the course and introductions and all that jazz...and then top it off with youth group tomorrow night! And I have new shoes! I just cant wait!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bulleted Thoughts

I only have a few sentences rolling up around in my head tonight...mostly because I am sooo tired.
  • "If you're out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold. All you have to do it call my name and ill be there on the next train" - The glories of watching gilmore girls at the Apt
  • Im feeling really bad about being so sarcastic lately or sarcastic in general...long story [well not really just not one that is interesting enough to blog about]
  • Being sick is stupie, especially when no sleep and a big exam in a day is added to the mix.
  • There is this picture of four beautiful girls right above this computer screen - oh how i love each one [ Jessie(and no im not just calling her that just to be a pain, I dont really know why I just do), Hedrish my lovie love love love, Nanchen(pronounced: Nance-hen) , and Sam Bird] 
  • Try to think of 15 Will Smith movies right now - its harder than it sounds [or it was for 7 lovely girls and one me]
  • Having my sister come in my house crying at 10:30pm is NOT okay and should not THEY are done.
  • The Gettys are awesome - you cant deny that [ if you try, go read some of their lyrics and then come talk to me]
  • I feel like im trespassing because im on Jess' computer - I get nervous when im on Jess' baby i feel like im gunna mess up something even though im just on 
  • Having a guitar pick in my wallet and knowing the answer to her questions or anticipating her next need makes me smile a little bit [ im a techie/assistant, i love it!] 
  • "Okay now lets talk about the deadline emphasis on the DEAD" - I love Paris  
  • FACT: Converses are awesome - there are pictures to prove it!
  • FACT: A starbucks coffee can make any day better 
  • FACT: The Apt is the best apartment in the world
  • FACT: 100 wings split between Drummonds, Rays, A Miller, A Walker, and A McGarvey = loads of fun and just enough!
  • FACT: Gilmore Girls is the best show to watch to make you happy!
  • FACT: Holly Aiken is the coolest person and bag designer ever! 
  • FACT: M.A.S.H. is a perfect game to play while sitting in a lodge at a ski retreat.
  • FACT: The Project Concert is a go for Feb. 28th [and the excitement level is up to new heights] 
  • FACT: Sleep is definitely needed right now.
[more about Ski Retreat later]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Wake up God was working very hard last night..."


This morning i awoke to see about a 2in layer of snow covering the ground and flakes still falling consistently. What a lovely feeling! No school, no worries, all fun. It was a completely happy day! Some of the most special girls in my life came over at like 9am and stayed all day! They were lovely and beautiful. I dont think i would have liked to spend it with anyone else! All we did was...

  • sledding down a huge hill,
  • snow ball fights with neighborhood little boys [we killed them],
  • snow angels on the golfcourse behind our house,
  • football in the snow
  • home run derby in the snow
  • home made hot chocolate
  • falling asleep to a movie on a big pallet in the middle of our basement
  • chili for dinner
  • making cookies
  • making smores on our fire pit outside!!
  • just being with the girls hanging out
It was such a happy day but i am sad it is over, but I still have another snow day tomorrow.
I just wish the girls could have stayed over...It has been too long since the last unexpected sleep over, or sleep over for that matter. I love them.


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Flame

This room is dark.
A darkness that is filled with sadness, sorrow and loneliness.
The only light that radiates is the flame that I hold tightly in my palms.

The flame is bright but the darkness still surrounds.
The silent blackness screams at me to blow out the flame and step into its ways.
When I refuse it blows hard and tries to extinguish the source of light.
But the more the Darkness blows the stronger I hold to the flame,
and the more the flame grows in light and power.

I look to the Light and it smiles at me and comforts me
It urges me to rise up and fight for Him.
So I stand strong in that room of screaming blackness.
I hold out my hands so that even though they try to smother it they shall still see the illuminating flame.
Because even Satan cowers at sight The Lord.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So simple...right?

A hug is so simple. Wrap your arms around the other person and squeeze. I probably hugged about 15-20 people tonight. But you know what, i think people have over used the hug. For me a hug is a sign of affection. You hug a dear friend, a loved one, someone you know really well or grew up with. But now its like you hug everyone that you say hi to or have met like once or twice. And hugs are now just a wrap and release now. No more of the squeeze that says "hey i love you". The hugs i truly adore are the ones after a one and one chat or the ones after a good girl talk or the ones after sitting outside just talking to a good friend for about an hour or the ones when someone you love returns home or even the ones when you are saying goodbye to someone you love. Those are the ones where you dont just hug the person you hold on to that person. I want to hug a person and in just that one hug say I love you are my friend, my sister, my parental, my mentor, my brother, my Toon. If a hug can spread love and love can be used in a way to witness to unbelievers than shouldn't we all hug like we mean it?

I love hugs,

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Perfect Antidote

The Bible.

1 Peter 4: 12-19

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trail you are suffering... 13 But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed. 14If you are insulted because of the name of Christ you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rest on you...16 However if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name....19 So then, those who suffer according to God's will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good. "

Jude 1: 20-23

"20 But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit. 21 Keep yourselves in God's love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life. 22 Be merciful to those who doubt; 23 snatch others from the fire and save them..."

1 Peter 4: 11

"If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God my be praised through Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen."

1 Peter 3 :14

"...Do not fear what they fear..."

2 Peter 3:18

"But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever! Amen."

Amen. Amen,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Much Better

I was so nervous...the second before i reached over and grabbed her hand my heart was pounding and my tummy was fluttering. I always get that way before i go and talk to someone. I just get a bit nervous and when i am talking to that person i never say exactly what i wanted to say and what i had planned out in my head. "Hey Hey thats okay, I was made that way" [sorry little reference that i just had to add].


As we walked she apologized..WHAT?!?...for waiting what three days after I had told her that i wanted to talk to her...That apology was definitely NOT NEEDED! But from there it was me speaking, me crying and speaking at the same time, her thinking silence [she does that every time i have talked to her in a serious conversation and it makes me smile cause thats her personality and she is just trying to find the exact words to say...i love it], her speaking to me words that i desperately needed to hear, her smiling at me as water streamed from my eyes [ i needed that smile] , our adorable interruption from her lovely boyfriend, a prayer, a hug that i just melted into and didnt want to let go of...fantastic!

All i can say is that i love her and that was exactly what I needed!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who Am I Kidding?

Who am I kidding? I need help! I am being buried deeper and deeper but I am too much of a prideful idiot to ask for such a simple thing as help.

I was sitting at a high school basketball game tonight almost in tears the entire time. Its like i cant breathe anymore...its getting harder and harder to inhale. I walk into school every day and I have to be strong, look to God and try my hardest to breathe. I can hardly read what I am writing now, my tears have control over my vision at this point. What am I going to do? I need someone to have my back cause I cant do this alone! My passion for this is strong but my body is weak and wants to give up, but i will not allow that!

Everyone is gone tonight. I want to pick up that phone beside me and dial those numbers that are so familiar to my fingers. But i wont do that cause i dont want to interrupt their night; carefree happiness is something to be cherished.

Help. please. I dont want to cry anymore.

Stephanie Drummond

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Own Type of Sisterhood

So my friends are extraordinary...


Well really she is my sister but she is also without a doubt my best friend in the entire world. There is no one that understands me more and i dont think there ever will be. She is the strongest and bravest person I have ever met and im not just saying that cause she is my sister. If i am in a bad mood she could cheer me up in an instant. We are like different people around each other...but mostly it only comes out when we are alone together. I love her so much and to have her as a sister is one of the best blessings that God has ever bestowed upon me. I love you Whitta!

Hannah Grace:

I remember a time when we were younger that i probably couldn't stand her cause she was two years younger than I and she was bossy and I did not like her very much. BUT when i moved up here a couple years ago we were inseparable and now I look over her like she is my younger sister. I think she is soo talented in many areas like basketball and she has an amazing voice and I think that she is going to grow up to be a beautiful woman of God. I know her faith is going to be tested and tried but i also know that she will stand firm and be a lighthouse for Christ. He is going to do so many wonderful things through her. I love my Hannah!


What do I say first? How do i communicate what she has been in my life? Our friendship started as a Shep to a JH...I met her and I watched her and I looked up to her and I didnt even really know her, all i knew was that she was an amazing musician and she had the biggest heart for the Lord and she shone for Him unlike anyone I had ever met before. And bit by bit we had a few conversations talking about music and classes and small talk...but that small talk led to realizing that we both had basically the same music taste. And the rest is a bunch of lovely things that has led to her help with finding my passion for technical work and her leading my heart closer to the Lord with every moment we have been together. Now she is my mentor, my imaginary sister and an unbelievable friend. I look up to her so much its crazy. I love you Jess so much!


It is crazy to think that Catherine and I have only known each other for about a year now. The first time i ever met her was at Senior High Girls Cell Group. She made me laugh so hard that night and I didnt even know who she was. She seriously is like my older sister. She looks out for me and takes care of me and laughs with me and hugs me so sincerely. One thing that she does that i love is when she hugs me she tells me she loves me and kisses me on the head. It makes me smile every time. She encourages me in my walk with Christ at any moment she can and is always there when i need her. There have been times where I have been crying or have had just a bad week and she has been there and makes me smile again. I love you Catty!

and if i had time in this night i would go on and talk about Heather and how she is has been a joy in my life that has made me smile even on the bad days. And Sam of how she is exactly what i want to be like when i am older...we like the exact same things and agree on so much and she is spectacular. And Anna and how she has been my source of light in youth group and now that she is gone to college she is still and will always be someone that i could tell anything to. And Katie and how she is one person that I have come to know so much more just in the past few months and I tell her everything and hold nothing back and she is my Toon! And Daryl and how she makes me desire the Lord so much more because of every word that comes out of her mouth...

They are all so important to me and i love them so dearly!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

With The Hand That Conquers

Can I cry?
Can I crumble down into a ball and weep?
Can I let my tears spill over my eye lids tonight?
Can I wipe off this artificial smiling face?
Can I stop cowering behind my laughter for these moments?

I need to stop pretending that I have it all figured out.
I need to start being that light that Christ has placed upon me.
I need a harder grasp on His hand.
I need not be afraid of what they, he, she thinks.
I need to speak and let them hear.
I need to be His servant.
I need to be His vessel.
I need to be His light.
I need to be His works.
I need to be His voice.
I need to be His hands.
I need to be His feet.
I need to be His child.

So I shall be strong,
I shall not fear what they fear.
I shall put my hand firmly into His.
And with The Lord God Almighty's hand in mine,
I shall conquer!
I shall conquer!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Cell Group of 2009

Tonight was usual, the ingredients to this wicked awesomeness are as follows;

  • Laughter
  • Senior High girls
  • Smiles
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Word
  • Our Praises
  • Our hearts poured out
  • Our inside jokes
  • Our leader [ usually gunna miss her for these few weeks]
  • Prayer
  • Friendship
  • Family
  • His name proclaimed even in our times of giggles
  • The Womb
  • The Man Cave
  • The Gym
  • The JHs
  • The Sheps
  • The Fun

Not to mention the awesome phone call i got tonight...that i was not expecting but it was oh so lovely. I cannot wait until we get to talk more about my future plans...i would very much like to know her input!

I love praising Christ through friendship!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Perfection in a Degree

Oh my gosh, why cant anyone be online tonight!?! I cant even contain myself!

Sooo here is the story...

I was kind of bored tonight so i decided to go log into and just browse around a little bit more. [basically cause i think it is fun and i am obsessed with planning] Anywho, so i was just going down their list of schools and i came to Campbell University. So i clicked on it and went to their undergraduate programs and scrolled down until i came to Theatre Arts and i looked over to their Tracks, Concentrations, & Specializations for Theatre Arts and I saw it!!! Theatre, Drama and Christian Ministry! Oh my gosh! Freak out number one! SO then i go and click on their descriptive brochure to learn more about it and it says;

The Campbell Program:
• Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts for students wishing to
receive broad theatre training within a liberal arts tradition
• Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama & Christian Ministry for students
who want to use drama in a ministerial capacity.

The Campbell Approach:
We offer a variety of theatre-related courses to give you the broadest
possible exposure to this fascinating, rigorous discipline. You’ll study
the literature of the theatre, the technical side of productions (including
scenery, lighting, costume design, construction, etc.) acting, directing,
and more.

Is that not perfect!!! Combining my two passions into one;

  • The Glorification of our Lord and Savior
  • Theatre!
Good Gracious, i am having a good night!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fix their eyes

Soo i have this friend right....

and this person has a loyal and strong heart for the Lord


this person also i think gets distracted by worldly things, but i think that they could be such a huge example to others and could lead many hearts to Christ if they put away their worldly desires and cell phones and the next funny thing they are going to say.

My prayer

For this person to commit their whole life to Him and to keep their eyes completely on His glorification...


"Swiss...Much Bliss"

4 lovely days of doing nothing but taking decent photos of a fabulous band...doing nothing but listening to them speak in a language i am slowly learning...doing nothing but seeing and hearing God being glorified to the highest in everything they did...doing nothing but messing and joking around [mostly me just making smart comments directed at her which in turn makes her annoyed with me hahaha] with Jess...doing nothing but hearing genius's speak of genius things...doing nothing but smiling at their banter [ for those of you who now me and are reading this, think of a couple that is perfect together and have an on going adorable banter at all times...who is it? yep]...doing nothing but "pounding it" with Daniel...doing nothing but letting Dustin teach me some beats...doing nothing but lying in a bed at night with a spectacular friend/mentor giggling at the funny things that happened in the previous day...doing nothing but having a camera of sorts attached to my person at all times...doing nothing but praising Christ with every step i took...doing nothing but laughing at John being John...doing nothing but listening to our theme cd...doing nothing but being thankful for that time i got to spend with them and doing what i was doing...doing nothing but having a ridiculously amazing time at Beaufort with them...

Thank you


Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Post in the New Year 2009

Last night was so much fun. An Apt New Years Party.

Bejiing Olympics Opening Ceremonies Video, beefy cheesey dip, silver nails, lovely company, and more pictures, candid, Indie, Mute Math, Music Video Countdown, Sparkly Sparkling Drinks, The Countdown, WOOO 2009!, The Britney Spears Puppet Show provided by Dustin and Jude, STOP dance off! Dustin, Jude, and PY style. awesomeness...

Happhen New Year Everyone!
Im heading to the beach with some awesome people...yipper skipper!