Thursday, July 31, 2008

The prayer of the year to come

I just sat here for about a minute just staring at my keyboard. I couldn't get my fingers to move, mostly because i don't know what to say. I am thinking about this new school year that i am about to start here in less than a month. I have no idea what i am about to step into. I know there are "for certains" such as, I am going to laugh, cry, praise, thank, find, learn, grow, smile, help, disappoint, love, dislike, write, blink, breathe, and much more. But what will i laugh at? Who will i laugh with? How much will i grow? Where and what will i learn? How much will i help, if any? The future holds on to so many questions that fill my mind.

My best friend is moving out, how will i deal with that fact? I haven't even grasped it yet. I have been asked how i feel about it, but i don't because really i have tried not to think of it. If at all possible. The thought of having to live everyday knowing that i may not be able to see her. Will our relationship stay at a stand still, grow, or will it grow distant? The last time this happened we didnt have the relationship we have now. Having to deal with the rest of the people in this house alone scares me. No one else gets along like we do. She says I will always be over there, but i know i wont be. And i don't want to be that pesky little sister calling all the time and wondering when i will get to come over again. Not to mention how this will effect my time at my youth group, i will have no taxi anymore. Okay enough of this, i don't want to talk about it anymore.

My Prayer
"God, You know my heart. I've laid it down before You
God, You know my deep desire. How I only want to honor You
and i know, that You've got the desire of my heart
and You've got it set apart
You know the better thing- so i've simply got to trust
that if you choose not to give me what i want
You'll give me something better.
better is Your plan for me. better is Your perfect timing
better it is when I look through Your eyes"

simply trusting,


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A surprise to remember

Usually i don't like surprises, but last night was the best surprise i have ever gotten! Last night my sister was acting a little strange and when she does that i know she is planning something and not telling me so then i knew there was some surprise that i didn't know about. So we went and picked up a couple of good friends and headed to i don't even know where (at this point). We are standing out of Cats Cradle, a cool venue where some awesome bands come and play at sometimes but i just couldn't for the life of me realize who was there last night. Then finally i saw the sign and it read, She & Him. Freak out moment number one. Love Zooey Deschanel, like really do love all her stuff so this was like a dream to actually see her in person! So after a little standing outside and getting tickets for five and eating pizza we went inside and found a good place to stand. They came on and oh my gosh freak out moment number two, which by the way if you know i don't really freak out on the outside just majorly on the inside. They were amazing, better than their CD and there was a pregnant female bassist which was awesome and M. Ward was amazing on electric guitar. It was all just fantastic. After the show was over we went and bought a vinyl of She & Him and three T shirts, one for me, two for amazing friends that couldn't be there with us. So then we went outside and met M. Ward and got him to sign a couple things and then met the bassist and the rhythmic guitarist. It was a most wonderful night that i will remember forever!


Monday, July 28, 2008


How to begin? It is almost indescribable. So many fun things to report and i don't think any word can tell of the smile on my face i had the entire weekend.
6 girls laughing, praying, singing, playing, watching movies outside on a projector, surprises, magic, tanning, burning, no name, credebit, sunsets, an odd dinner, weird guy asking if you like the rock and roll, reading, sleeping, smiling lots and lots of smiling, memories, sleeping in one room, grape lady introduction, beasting heavy objects, Finding Neverland and Juno, screaming heard from blocks away, by-pass by-pass, falling asleep in stairwells while praying and listening to a friend play the guitar, first bite of snickers ice cream bar, getting videos secretly of a car full of singing girls.
Basically it was a weekend to remember forever.

Beach Week 08

Okay WARNING this might possibly be the longest post ever but it is multiple days so here we go...

11:55pm Saturday July 19, 2008,
To keep up with my blog with no Internet connection I am going to keep writing in this until I can get online later. So what have I been up to the past few hours of this wonderful day. Well it all started when I woke up this morning at 7:30am and straight into a family decision that lasted 2 HOURS!! The debate was to go to the beach or not. A whole week of sun, sand and friends. But overnight that was all at stake, a tropical storm was about to hit right in the exact spot we were to be going for that grand week away from the business of home. After a whole lot of “discussions” we were on our way. A full 3 hours with a great friend laughing, taking pictures, and listening to music on the way to the wonderful beach. Then we arrived to the wet and rainy beach condo. Although things seemed grim my brother and sisters and I put on our bathing suits and went to play in the rain like we were children again. After the fun in the rain we were invited to friends for a Pig Picking. Oh and the fun just started rolling. It all started by playing a fun game of a modified Home Run Derby. When the pig was ready we all ate out on the porch watching the sun start to set, having a great time with friends. Then the golf cart fun began. The whole group of us went to a closed golf course and rode around the course in golf carts and for us three people to a cart and pictures taken from weird angles. A walk downtown and then fishing was next, out off the dock two sharks were caught. As we sat on the dock waiting for bites, we watched in awe as a wall of water raced toward us. In shock of how fast that band of the tropical storm hit us, we ran. Laughing the entire way and getting completely wet at the same time. It was an all around amazingly fun day. Only three hours of sleep are getting to me so I am going to answer that call for closed eyes and shallow breathing by going into that dark room and lying on my soft pillow.
~Happy, smiley, hopeful, giggly, sleepy, excited, joyful
Goodnight, Steph.

11:58pm Sunday July 20, 2008,
Today I woke up to the sweet smell of sour dough French toast, yumm. After filling ourselves with the tasty bread we sat and relaxed until the clouds passed by our windows. Then it was to the beach, although a little cloudy, still we had a blast. The waves crashed right on top of us, literally. Because of that tropical storm the waves were rolling high above our heads. A little knocking around later we exited the beach on our way to the calm pool. There we swam, read, and just relaxed. When the rain started back again we went back into our condo and just watched a little TV and some took showers. The phone rang on my sister’s cell and it was our lovely friend calling from just down the beach a little ways. So we took a little family walk down to the pier and met our friend. There we watched a, lets just say, interesting man down on the beach. We got a slight kick out of that one. 6:00pm slid up on up fast and soon it was time for us to go back for some dinner. So we said our goodbyes for now and headed back the 1.5 mile trek back to our end of the beach. Part of the Titanic and some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory later dinner was served to some starving children. When dark arrived the boys set out to the beach and had a mini illegal fireworks show, the big finale is coming later in the week, shhh don’t tell. The girls of the family set out to join them but a little to late because they were already packing up. Passing the lit glassy pool made me crave to dive in and ripple that smooth chlorine water, so that’s exactly what I did. Luckily, I had my bathing suit on from the previous festivities of the day. Some of my other siblings joined in a few minutes later. Usually anything family related fun includes a competition, especially if we are in water. So we being Drummonds started a treading water competition to the death, without the death part. And if that Rent-A-Cop hadn’t told us to get out of the pool we would have been out there all night, because none of us would give up on the title. Then back to the condo and the wonderful film Titanic. Which by the way just makes me sad but when you combine it with a little Oceans Thirteen during the commercials it makes for a great few hours. When the credits rolled I jumped in the shower and now the morning hours have just popped up onto the screen and that reminds me I have a whole lot of beach tomorrow and that requires sleep. So off to bed I go hopefully I get to sleep in a little before I am forced out by my anxious siblings.
~Sleepy, burnt, wet, content, chilly, completely happy.
Goodnight, Steph

10:04pm Monday 7/21/08,
Today started really lazy, I mean literally rolling out of bed and laying on the floor for a few minutes. Then directly out onto the beach for a hot and sandy day. My parents, sister and I walked down the beach a while and on our return to our part of the beach we lept into the cool water. The waves were really pounding today, one after another crashing over us. We then laid out in the sun reading until we got hot and to the pool we went. After a few contests and sharks and minnows we just laid out some more. At around 3:00pm my sister got a call from that friend I have been speaking of the last few days and she told my sister that they were going to go horse back riding together. My sister was so excited, therefore I was excited for her. Our friend got to our condo and we hung out at the pool for 30 minutes and had a blast for those little thirty minutes. But it turns out I didn't go out of the sun from 11:00am to 3:30pm. So I came up and went directly to the shower. My family drug me to go on an excursion and that included going to a place where the next Scooby Doo will be filmed and going to a pier that had a bunch of dumb teens snorting crack in public. Not to mention the moron that tried to hit on me. I gave him look like “Do I really care what you are talking about? And why are you still in my presence?” and he scurried away, it was genius. But now I am watching a movie and waiting to hear of stories of horses before I go to sleep. Later tonight I when my sister returned with our friend which now I am going to call her “Giggles” we went out on the beach for a walk. The moon was so bright it lit the pathway down the beach. We walked down to this swing set that is on the beach and Giggles and I swung so high we thought we could reach those beautiful stars above us. Then we just sat out and star gazed and laughed at stupid things such as necks and factual facts. Then we started the trek back to our beds and car and that included teasingly trying to push some people into the water and crabs grabbing ankles. Sleep now.
~ Tan, headachey, giggly, sleepy, thinking, blessed, thankful.
Goodnight, Steph

11:12pm,Tuesday, 7/22/08
Today we kinda slept in, well at least until 11am which is pretty good for the beach. And that is where we headed. We went out in the rough waves and then to the calm pool. Giggles came and beached it with us later in the afternoon. We hung out for a couple hours before Giggles left to go get cleaned up and we went to get showers and dinner. So after dinner we met Giggles back up and went and saw Hancock which was a decent movie, kinda weird though. We all returned to the condo for some illegal fireworks. We waited until 10:00pm until going to the beach to shoot the fireworks off. But while we waited we played a classic game of Pac Man. Giggles had never played before so it was quite fun. After I won with a score of 13290 we went back out to the beach. The wind was blowing hard so we pointed the fireworks into the wind and started the fuse. But I don’t think any of us were ready for the huge fireworks that came down upon us. It was hilarious, we all scattered in all directions, while trying to watch the flaming sparks fly down on us. It was all worth it. We went back to our condo and started a game of Clue. It has been a tradition for this group to play Clue and everyone has won at least once, except Giggles. But guess what, she won!! Soon after that she left to go back to her house for the night and we went straight to our bed.
Goodnight, Steph

Wednesday 7/23/08
We sunned it today, all we did all day was swim a little bit and lay out. Then night arrived and we got ready and headed to dinner, which was pretty fantastic might add. After dinner we headed to meet with Giggles and a friend that had come in to town. We went and had ice cream and sat outside and talked. Then we walked down the street to Giggles house and played a little home-run-derby in the dark before hitting the dock for some night fishing. We had a wonderful time fishing with bare hands and of course with regular poles. The night had to come to an end at some point so we piled into the car and headed to the island.


Thursday 7/24/08

Today was all about friends. We woke up a little later and just sat on our balcony and just laughed then when our friends arrived later that day we headed straight for the beach. At the beach we made a turtle in the sand together and we swam and had a lot of fun. My dad came and called us in for lunch which was spectacular. We hung out for a little bit before having to say goodbye to Giggles and our other friend. After showers and getting ready we headed out to meet Giggles at a coffee shop. Then we packed into one car and went to dessert at a place with fake names and a wet table now. But before we went in we went to the pier and walked down and took pictures and then watched a little bit of Ice Age in the car until our name was called to be seated. The night ended with my sister and I at Giggles house for the weekend but that's for another post.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Joy

I have prayed many times in the past few months this one prayer. To have it answered is such a complete joy. The prayer; to have my little brother come to really know Christ Jesus as his savior. Last night those prayers were answered with a boom and a smile fills my face now. I want to thank two people right now that have made such an impact on my brother's life. But i will leave that until i see them face to face again soon. With a new joy filling my heart,


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Late Nights and My Girl

There is something about staying up late and writing. Well staying up late in general. I am a night owl by heart. I am always staying up late even on school nights. Usually it doesn't bother me during the day, it just doesn't effect me. I don't have a curfew or a bedtime during the summer, so my summer is full of these late nights that i love. Sitting in a dark room, watching a movie that may or may not be good. Or listening to music and spending time with the LORD. I think the night is the best time to go to the LORD. When all the world seems so quiet and you are all by yourself, it is so perfect.

A little off topic, okay a lot off topic. I am watching My Girl, you know the 1991 movie with Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin, anyway this movie is so sad, but you cant help but love it. Well i cant. When Vada goes into the funeral and walks up to the open casket and starts yelling at everyone to put Thomas' glasses cause he cant see and tells everyone that he wanted to be an acrobat, if i cried at movies i would bawl right there. But i love it and that's that.

To Do List

Okay reading over my last few post they have been mostly Debby Downerish so therefore i write Heather Happy stuff now.

Ahhh the beach only a few days between me and sun, sand, and a whole lot of fun.
~I plan on completely getting away for the entire week and having the most fun i possibly can out of these 9 days.
~I plan on taking some Joel Houston, Darlene Zschech, and Brooke Fraser out to the beach one night and singing, praising at the top of my lungs.
~ Getting tan (as much as i can possibly get tan)
~ Go out on the beach at night with all my friends and look at the stars
~ Swing on the beach at night
~ Swim as much as i can
~ Pray for Kosova everyday I am there
~ Finish my book "Searching for God Knows What" by Donald Miller
~ Watch a movie in my bed with my sister on our dad's laptop
~ Tell my friends that i love them so much
~ Relax
~ Get to know someone better
~ Get a flip flop tan
~ Smile the entire trip
~ Make other people smile
~ Blog about my trip while im there
~ Take tons of pictures AND videos
~ Create a funny story to tell over and over again for years to come
~ Bring something back from the trip that will make me remember and laugh
~ Not get burnt (okay impossible but a girl can wish)
~ Shnuggle really Shnuggle and not be stiff
~ Laugh


Monday, July 14, 2008

I Want...

I think i could type for hours on end just because i love the feeling of it. If i just had enough thoughts and things to write about i would type for days. Give me a quite room and a computer. Leave me to my thoughts and i could go wild. Technically not wild, because if you know me i don't go wild, ever. I feel like rambling right now going on about nothing. So here i go. I want a typewriter real bad to write cool notes and poems or whatever i feel like. I want a lot of things,
I want a night where i sit outside on a beach with my friends and laugh and have no worries at all and i want a hug right now at 11:19pm from someone specific because she has the best, I want my sister to never have to cry again, I want the world to know Christ Jesus as their Savior! I want Youth Group to start again, I want worship to never end on Sundays, I want my friend's band to succeed in every way, I want to go to college, I want to travel with a big Youth conference doing tech work, I want DZ to email my friend back, I want to travel Europe and smile the entire time, I want to laugh for an entire 10 mins without stopping with my best friends right beside me, I want 10 days to go by fast, I want my high school years to go by slowly, I want to sleep later than 11am every morning, I want to remember every moment of these past few years FOREVER, I want Gilmore Girls to really make a movie like they said they would, I want to be able to shnuggle without automatically freezing up, I want to sleep under the stars one night, I want to learn as much as i can about music, I want my friend to know she is going to be an amazing teacher, I want to see my brother grow in Christ, i want to say a million more hellos than goodbyes, and right now i want to sleep.

~Who else but me~

The Recipe for Crying to Smiling

Have you ever felt just worn down? Like you just want to sit in a quiet room, alone, and cry your heart out. Shut your eyes and wish yourself into a state of not thinking about anything. Right now for me is just one of those times. But lately i never have seemed to get that time alone with myself and God so these feelings just get pushed back for another time. I have done that so much these past few weeks that its just gotten bigger and bigger that i cant handle it anymore. It just seems like this thing i am dealing with is never going to go away and it hurts so much. I don't want to see pain anymore. But i know that until i am with that gracious God i adore in heaven that i am going to see pain, physical and metal. I am sitting alone right now, wow alone, i thought i wouldn't get to see that in a long time. Outside, laptop resting on my crossed legs, eyes probably a little red, cheeks wet, nose running, and ears filled with songs of the One i need right now.

"I trust in You. I trust in You. I believe Your my healer. I believe your all i need. I believe..."

I know I have heard this song over and over again but really every time I listen to it gives me so much hope and adoration for this outrageously loving God. And even when I am in pain or i see someone I love in pain it brings be back to realizing I need to come back to Him and only Him because He is my healer, He is faithful, He is loving without limits, He is gracious, He is more than enough for me.

The Recipe for Crying to Smiling (for me anyway):

1 hour alone with God
1 smile from someone you love
1 to a billion songs praising the LORD
1 big long hug from one of the people closest to you
Hours with people you care about

Sunday, July 13, 2008

And the things that make me Sad and/or Unhappy...

The sad or unhappy factor: seeing pain in the eyes of someone close to you, not being able to do anything about that pain, not being able to stop crying, the feeling when you are about to crumble, goodbyes, a feeling i had this morning, that feeling in your stomach when you see someone you love hurting, seeing one of your friends crying, a world that doesn't know Christ, when i fail, its a lot smaller than the happy post but this one still holds a lot of power in these words.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh the things that make me happy...

When i think of happiness i think of: an old couple praying together in the back of a big church on a saturday, the sound of my friends laughter, smiles while arguing, spend-the-nighties, hands raised eyes closed voice singing loudly to our LORD and Savior, hugs that you never want to let go of, the sight of someone in tears over God's glory, riding on old bicycles backstage at after a magnificent concert, laying on blankets outside at night watching for shooting stars with friends, inside jokes being repeated and only a few laugh, stopping and having a dance-off, the hug after a one on one talk, seeing a best friend from across the room, platinium winks, the sound a coke can makes when it is opened, Home Run Derby outside on a golf course, feeling that click when you plug in a cord or a microphone, hands out of an open car window as you drive down a street, clue at 2am and WINNING, looking behind the car as it drives off and seeing a trail of red balloons, before and after a big event, sitting on the sidewalk at 12am on a downtown street, running up a street to an awaiting car after a fireworks show, car rides to and from youth retreats, 11 people in a 7 person car, making someone laugh when they are supposed to be serious, watching a musical unfold right before your eyes, walking a street in downtown wherever, seeing a friend so happy they cant stop smiling and giggling, laughing really hard alone in a bathroom, eating at Zaxby's while laughing so hard your stomache hurts, playing putt putt with horrid music, doing absolutly nothing with a couple of friends and having a blast, not playing chess with a certain person, playing corn hole late at night, so hungry that you wish you could use up one of your three teleportation times in your life, eating at a closed Uno, rambling phone messages, late night cook out runs, praying with the people you love for over an hour at a retreat, watching gilgirls while eating a bunch of junk food, sitting in a room alone music blaring praising God, a good shuffle, bare feet on the beach at sunset, just hearing someone play an instrument for fun, staying out later than curfew, telling someone you love a secret that may change a few thing but you tell them anyway just because you love them, looking up to the sky at a solar eclipse with a couple of your friends, late night battleship tournies, meeting Stella and Seth Stuart and Rodger Wainright for the first time and every time after that, seeing an awkward bicyclist ride down the street pedalling with his hands in the middle of the night, "kirk", playing with a friends hair when they are about to sleep,4 people falling asleep in the same bed, choosing who is next on the futon but it is never the guest, spending a weekend at someone elses house having a blast, Solar Shields, a recording device that screams STOP IT, and some of my favorite people just arrived so i have to end there for now. I think I could go on forever.
Mostly being with these guys below makes me the happiest,


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to Normalcy

I have found that i like the listing of my night instead of going into full detail, unless i really just had the best night of my life.

Reuniting, smiles and hugs, videos of absolutely nothing, laughing at idiocy, red balloons across the city, eating with family, sharing stories of Gods wonder, planning for the excitement ahead of us, something we all share on our delicate wrists, smiley farewells with the prospect of seeing each other real soon, reading a little something and off to bed I go, dreams of the pleasantries of the times together.

"Chains be broken
Lives be healed
Eyes be opened
Christ is revealed "


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Painted Smile

People i love back in the same city as me, wonderful music filling my ears, thunderstorm right outside my window, jeans and a T shirt, bare feet, a plastic card that states i can drive, memories of the past few weeks, and a smile painted on my face.

yeah i would say my night is going fantastically.

"My happiness is found in less of me and more of You"


Plane Ride Back

They are on their way. Almost here, well kinda. Still have a few more miles over the Atlantic to go, but soon. Then they walk out of that thing with wings, on the solid ground and face to face with their families. Smiles apparent on every ones faces. Their sleepy and glad to be back to their bed, their smell, and their home. Stories will they tell over and over again. Everyone excited to have them back home.

Welcome Back Kosovo Team!
Love yall,


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I cant stand failure. I strive completely never to fail. Which is idiotic because I do. But every time I still tear myself up about it. I should have done better. I didn't try hard enough. Why didn't i do this, why didn't i do that? I ask myself over and over again. Its a mental battle with myself. And no one puts pressure on me to always succeed, just myself. Because i am a fairly good student i feel like i should be perfect and on the top of my game all the time, which in the back of my mind i know that this will never happen. I cant be perfect, its impossible. That still doesn't mean i don't try my hardest anyway. In my every day life i don't feel the need to impress people or please anyone else other than myself and God. I don't seek others approval of me BUT I do want the people that are closest to me to be proud of me. And most of those people would just be proud of me just for me being myself but I still feel the need to go beyond that and try for perfection. One of my faults really. I know that some of those people read this, and the first thing i don't want this post to be is an "aw steph you don't need to strive to be the best" because that is stupid, i dislike pity, a lot. Some of these posts are just for me, to inform myself that i am being an idiot, just like right now. I needed this to tell me that i need to calm down and stop worrying about succeeding.

God is better...


Kosovo Team returns TOMORROW!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Church

I really love going to church. I remember some of my friends always whining about having to wake up early and go sit and try to not fall asleep. Its not like that for me. The church is supposed to be a place where you can go and praise the true king and shouldn't we all want to do that. Some people get caught up in the relationships within the church and yes that is very important but it is not the main purpose. When i am in church singing to The LORD and praising Him with all i have got i don't think about what the person in the row beside me is wearing. Just because it is summer and there might not be many of my friends in church that day that doesn't mean i am just going to say "oh well there isn't going to be many people there so lets just not go" not at all. So even if I am there with one or two other families or people I am still going to worship God in the same way i do every Sunday, with my whole heart.

Love and Praying for the people in Kosovo!
3 more days!! (not including today)


Saturday, July 5, 2008

City Girl by Heart

I'm such a city girl. My whole childhood i grew up with the big city as a backdrop. The cool restaurants and the bright lights. Every time we would drive up to the city to go out to eat or go to a football or basketball game i would become overly happy. The feeling of walking down a windy street with buildings that tower over you is amazing. There is just an atmosphere that a big city has and i just adore it. It has always intrigued my interest even since i was real little. Even though i have moved away from that big city that i love, i will always be a City Girl by heart.

We just went back to my hometown for the holiday and we went downtown for the big fireworks show they hold every year. It was just a great night because i was with my friends and family and it was a nice evening, it had just rained that day but it brought a cool wind to the city. We watched the fireworks display from the most perfect spot. We were right under them and it was just so exciting.

It was a great weekend. From the fireworks to praying for the people in Kosovo in a magnificent church. I am so thankful that i was allowed to have such a wonderful time with my friends and family in the big city that is so dear to my heart.

Love and Praying for the people in Kosovo!
4 more days!! (not including today)


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nothing is Impossible for You.

I am so happy, excited, and thrilled all mixed into one right now! We just got an update on my church's Kosovo Team and it is amazing! One of my best friends was told something that just blew me away. I am so happy for her, i know that she has got to be thrilled right now. I cant wait to see her back here, even though i know she is doing great work in the country of Kosovo.

"You are the servant of God, you will worship Jesus and speak the Gospel, and they will come."

Love and Praying for the people in Kosovo!
7 more days!! (not including today)


Do I? Am I? Have I?

Sometimes i just feel like i push God away any chance i get, because it is my nature. But He stands firm, and when i run back to him he opens his arms and takes me back. WHY DO I DESERVE THIS? I don't deserve Him at all! He is amazing to me, he never leaves my side even when i tell him, i don't need him or i don't have time right now for him. I feel like every moment of my life i need to be screaming I'M SORRY! Because I am never worthy of him. When i am going through rough week and i start to crumble He is always there to hold me up and get me back on my feet again.

I am a firm believer in not crying! I can cry, yes. Do i ever want to cry, no! I have cried about two things in my life and one of those is The LORD especially this past year and a half. I have really desired to know Him. Yeah i grew up in a Christian home and everything but i was so far from being a true Christian. So the past few years i have really opened myself to Him. I wanted Him to work in me. The more i get to know this wonderful gracious, loving, merciful, faithful God i cant get enough of Him. I want to shine for Him. Am i doing that? I want to be living solely for Him. Can people see that? In my everyday life i want to spread His joy. Do people notice that? Have the people in my past seen a change in me? Have I encouraged someone to walk in the LORD? There are people younger than me in my life, am i showing them Christ in my actions? Have I impacted someones life? Do i scream Be My Everything loud enough that people hear? These questions i ask myself because i want them all the to happen one day. If not today or tomorrow i want to accomplish them in my life time.

Crying has become not a bad thing anymore. I cry because i love.

Love and Praying for the people in Kosovo!
7 more days!! (not including today)