Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve at Stitch!

Oh how I have missed thee.

Today I got the chance to go to work with Whitta again at Stitch and Holly Aiken bags! I worked here over the summer and adored it but when school started my career as a Holly Aiken Shop assistant came to an end.

With the school winter break at hand I got the chance again to help out in the shop! Such a happy day! New Years Evee!!! This is a great holiday! Spending it with my sister and doing fun stuff at the shop! Yay.

Oh and Eppy Birshday tu Yourshelf Nancy!!!

Shopgirl (GAME: Name the movie!),

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Response to Samantha Crowder's "NEXT SEMESTER UPDATE"

Okay so I read Sambird's blog this morning and I wanted to share my ideas on the subject at hand.

Subject: SAM IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!

I am super duper excited!

Reasons for Excitement:

1. She will be a part of apt girls nights...
  • The movie nights
  • The music jam nights
  • The Sit on The Couch For Hours Together Just Because We Want to Be Together nights
  • The Adventures we take
  • The laughter we expel when we are together
2. I want to go to coffee with this chick!
  • Um just imagine Sam...You and I....Drinking Coffee...Talking about life, books, music...our fave subjects!
3. She is going to be here!
  • I have such a pure joy to know that she will be here. I can know that Sambird is in the same city as I am.

Okay so there are plenty of reasons I adore the thought that Sambird is going to be living here but those are mainly the top 3!

I love you Sambird!


One more day.
Two more performances.
12 more hours.

and then My Fair Lady is over and I can return to my normal week, sleep schedule, and life.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All-Nighter 101


Starbucks!!! Triple Grande White Mocha. :)
A computer.

Tonights Playlist:
- Samantha Whitfield
- Alexis Worthington
-Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army
- Paper Route (& on Youtube "Live @ Grantland pt.1&2)
- iTunes Shuffe ( Mindy Smith, Ray Lamontagne, Mute Math, John Mayer, Lauryn Hill, Loquat, Eisley, Joshua Radin... It was a good Shuffle night!!)

Im gettin pretty good at this All-nighter thing.

But then is opening night for my performance tomorrow. So most likely Im gunna be regreting this. ha. Oh well.

A friend once told me that all of this school stuff isnt going to matter after I get out. I have held onto that fact. Because if I really think about purpose on earth is not to get good grades and excel in acedemics so that i can get a good true purpose is to glorify God and to share His hope and good news to the world. So what idiot came up with the idea that education was the main priority? Ha. So here I go...not caring if I pass or fail a high school course or if I ruin a theatrical performance...because those things are dumb and fleeting. He is forever. His mission is mine.

Oooo... Are We All Forgotten just came on...I love this song!!!

Sleepy Morning. Sleepy Week.

Im so tired.
Its really not tired...its exhausted. I forget that 7am-9pm school days are just hard.

And its not only that Im ust physically exhausted...

  • Im tired of waking up to the stress of having 5 technicians running a full Wakefield Theatre Production...when we usually have a little less than double that.
  • Im tired of going to class to find out that I have more work to do.
  • Im tired of not seeing my family.
  • Im tired of not seeing the girls or Indie.
  • Im tired of having to do 2+ hours of homework AFTER a 14 hour day.
  • Im tired of pulling All-Nighters.
  • Im tired of this show! Its not even fun!
  • Im tired of the feelings that I could burst into tears at any moment.
  • Im tired of 5 or less hours of sleep.
  • Im tired of my schedule being completely booked.
  • Im tired of failing my classes.
  • Im tired of being a walking zombie.
  • Im tired of trying to act like I am enjoying doing this.
  • Im tired of feeling behind...IN EVERYTHING.
  • Im tired of Essays Due on Opening Day and 200 question Study Guides due the day after!
  • Im tired of my teachers saying "Well you shouldn't have done the musical if you couldnt handle my classload and the production!"
  • Im tired of my communication being only through the internet and cell phone.
  • Im tired.

Lord, Im exhausted. Come to my rescue because You are the only one who can cure my weak state!