Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve at Stitch!

Oh how I have missed thee.

Today I got the chance to go to work with Whitta again at Stitch and Holly Aiken bags! I worked here over the summer and adored it but when school started my career as a Holly Aiken Shop assistant came to an end.

With the school winter break at hand I got the chance again to help out in the shop! Such a happy day! New Years Evee!!! This is a great holiday! Spending it with my sister and doing fun stuff at the shop! Yay.

Oh and Eppy Birshday tu Yourshelf Nancy!!!

Shopgirl (GAME: Name the movie!),

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Response to Samantha Crowder's "NEXT SEMESTER UPDATE"

Okay so I read Sambird's blog this morning and I wanted to share my ideas on the subject at hand.

Subject: SAM IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!

I am super duper excited!

Reasons for Excitement:

1. She will be a part of apt girls nights...
  • The movie nights
  • The music jam nights
  • The Sit on The Couch For Hours Together Just Because We Want to Be Together nights
  • The Adventures we take
  • The laughter we expel when we are together
2. I want to go to coffee with this chick!
  • Um just imagine Sam...You and I....Drinking Coffee...Talking about life, books, music...our fave subjects!
3. She is going to be here!
  • I have such a pure joy to know that she will be here. I can know that Sambird is in the same city as I am.

Okay so there are plenty of reasons I adore the thought that Sambird is going to be living here but those are mainly the top 3!

I love you Sambird!


One more day.
Two more performances.
12 more hours.

and then My Fair Lady is over and I can return to my normal week, sleep schedule, and life.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All-Nighter 101


Starbucks!!! Triple Grande White Mocha. :)
A computer.

Tonights Playlist:
- Samantha Whitfield
- Alexis Worthington
-Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army
- Paper Route (& on Youtube "Live @ Grantland pt.1&2)
- iTunes Shuffe ( Mindy Smith, Ray Lamontagne, Mute Math, John Mayer, Lauryn Hill, Loquat, Eisley, Joshua Radin... It was a good Shuffle night!!)

Im gettin pretty good at this All-nighter thing.

But then is opening night for my performance tomorrow. So most likely Im gunna be regreting this. ha. Oh well.

A friend once told me that all of this school stuff isnt going to matter after I get out. I have held onto that fact. Because if I really think about purpose on earth is not to get good grades and excel in acedemics so that i can get a good true purpose is to glorify God and to share His hope and good news to the world. So what idiot came up with the idea that education was the main priority? Ha. So here I go...not caring if I pass or fail a high school course or if I ruin a theatrical performance...because those things are dumb and fleeting. He is forever. His mission is mine.

Oooo... Are We All Forgotten just came on...I love this song!!!

Sleepy Morning. Sleepy Week.

Im so tired.
Its really not tired...its exhausted. I forget that 7am-9pm school days are just hard.

And its not only that Im ust physically exhausted...

  • Im tired of waking up to the stress of having 5 technicians running a full Wakefield Theatre Production...when we usually have a little less than double that.
  • Im tired of going to class to find out that I have more work to do.
  • Im tired of not seeing my family.
  • Im tired of not seeing the girls or Indie.
  • Im tired of having to do 2+ hours of homework AFTER a 14 hour day.
  • Im tired of pulling All-Nighters.
  • Im tired of this show! Its not even fun!
  • Im tired of the feelings that I could burst into tears at any moment.
  • Im tired of 5 or less hours of sleep.
  • Im tired of my schedule being completely booked.
  • Im tired of failing my classes.
  • Im tired of being a walking zombie.
  • Im tired of trying to act like I am enjoying doing this.
  • Im tired of feeling behind...IN EVERYTHING.
  • Im tired of Essays Due on Opening Day and 200 question Study Guides due the day after!
  • Im tired of my teachers saying "Well you shouldn't have done the musical if you couldnt handle my classload and the production!"
  • Im tired of my communication being only through the internet and cell phone.
  • Im tired.

Lord, Im exhausted. Come to my rescue because You are the only one who can cure my weak state!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vocal Obsession.

This girl's voice has become my new obsession!

Her name is Lisa Mitchell and she is an aussie musician and her music is perfect!
Take this song for instance...

Clean White Glove

That video makes me want to wear red lipstick and write letters while looking out the window of a train!

And instead of finishing my 6 page paper for APES class...I google her. ha.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Its here.

The overwhelming feelings. The future is clear... extreme lack of sleep, late (if done) homework, Family time at 0%, Friend time at -4%, the feeling of crying for days because of the intense amount of pressure that is crushing me, communication is basically through texting (I wont even have time for a phone call), grades at the lowest they have ever been.

Really? Why do I do this to myself? For a week I kill myself. I am a literal walking zombie. I dont get to go to church. I will be at school for roughly 171 hours in the span of two weeks. For comparison...A normal student that goes to an after school activity once a week is in school for 72 hours in two weeks.

I think I should be formally charged with insanity. That is a difference of 99 hours in a SCHOOL! What would possess someone to do this to themselves?

I cannot answer that question. I do love it sometimes. I do get pleasure after the show is completed or when I see my friends and family watching the show I had a major role in producing. But is that worth it? Is a scholarship worth 6 weeks out of my life every year spent completely at a school exhausting myself?

The Lord has always been my strength for these weeks. I cannot do it without His loving voice. He is my warm hugs on the long nights in the Theatre. I rest in Him.

Praying for His warmth,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

I am going to see New Moon tonight!

Tonight is Catherine Elizabeth Walker and Stephie Lauren Drummond Hang Out Night! It has been quite a while since we had one of these nights! You know with Jess and Whitta getting in the way of everything (hehe just kiddin). Well tonight we are alone because Jess and Whit went to Hotlanta this weekend.

Our plans: New Moon!

I am officially a teenage girll...ewww/bleh/ughh... I like Twilight! I can't help it! Maybe its a teen thing. That Teenage part of me wants to come out or something but I really like it and can't wait to see it tonight! Woo hoo. Well here walks in Cat! Thats my cue to hop in the car and go to NM! Yay.

The teenage girl,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its over.

Im done with it!

Im done with running for that goal. Im done trying to please. Im done caring so much it affects my choices. Im done with feeling disappointed. Im done with trying. Im done with worrying about something I already have. Im done with watching myself fall away from my true desire.

Why did I care? Why was it so important?

But why did it have to take me getting angry to realize this? Why do I have to be frustrated and let down to come to this conclusion? Why was I so stubborn not to come to it easily. I dont want to be angry. But Im so done with it! I just dont want that anymore. I dont want to feel that trapped by constant worries anymore. Im done with letting other people down by my inability to let this go.
The End.

God give me the strength everyday to release my addiction to this goal,

Monday, November 9, 2009

Being Sick is Overrated!

Im sick. :(

Whitta and I got this virus in our throats. Dumb. Basically we have an infection in our throats that cause fevers and exhaustedness (that is now a new word in my vocabulary).

I wish I could sleep for two days straight! That would be awesome! But doesnt work out that way.

Here is my Schedule for Tomorrow:

1st Period: AP Environmental Test! Urga...I tried studying tonight but a fever kinda disables you.
2nd Period: Probably sleeping as much as possible.
3rd Period: Work...manual labor...stress.
4th Period: AP English is going to cause too much thinking! Im preparing for a headache tomorrow.

After School: Rehearsal till 8:30pm.

Therefore my day consists of being sick and putting in a full 14 hour day at school! Perfect.

And tonight I do not feel like doing any homework or any studying because I am exhausted and all I want to do is watch the latest episode of The Office to cheer me up! Thats it...Im doing it! No more schoolwork!

Prayers would be fantastic!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is a Twitpic of Hillsong United setting up for their new iHeartFilm that premieres live at 7:30pm tomorrow night!

Like I can't tell you how much I long to do this one day! To be a techie for something like this!!! Crazy! I would love it so much!

Anywho, Im super excited about this and I hope that everyone is coming to see it tomorrow night with me!

Have a great day,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Lord's Stephanie Drummond Planner

Why am I still up?!

This weekend was crazy cool! Almost every minute was spent with friends and doing fun things! From things such as Wakefield's (failure) Homecoming Game, Apt with unexpected friend (John, Will, and Sambird!!!)...on that note I think I should get to know Will better! He seems like such a solid dude but i feel like im getting caught up in his amazing wife, Nancy. I got to spend a bit of time hanging with him and the rest of the Ray Sibs this weekend and it was fantastic! Alright now back to the list of things I did this weekend ha...Breakfast with the Gals, Day with the Band(JessRayandTheRagTagArmy)/Bryboy/Sarah @ Christ Baptist's Missions Conference, The NC State Fair with Bryant and Sarah!!, Church( :]]), Paintball w/ School friends for a school project!!!(how cool is that! I got to go paint balling for a project!), Youth Group! Yepp a pretty busy weekend id say. I feel like I didnt sleep...probably cause i didnt ha.

Youth group was so good tonight. Most importantly the Back-Porch portion of Youth Group was great! Back-Porch is what our youth group calls "Small Groups." The girls/guys get together in a room after the service and just share whats on their hearts. Tonight the Junior High Girls were with us!

But anywho...tonight on the Back-Porch we had a time of sharing our sins. Now how many of you when reading that kinda cringed inside? Seriously! Well its natural...who wants everyone to know your faults. But I have to say, it is completely needed! I adore that I have a place where I can be completely honest and give these sins to the Lord. However hard it is to audibly speak sins to everyone, i needed it. It was exactly in the Lord's plan for my night. His perfect planning!

Walking within His perfect plan,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adventures of Truvy: The Drive-In

Tonight we went to the Drive-in Movie Theatre =]

My dad has had this little fuzzy(idea/dream/wish) of taking the family to see a drive-in movie at the one closest to us. Tonight that fuzzy was fulfilled. :)

Tonight my parentals, the Apt Gals, and I took a road trip, in Truvy and Stanley (those are Whitta and my Dad's cars hehe) 45 mins out of our normal domain. Drove up to our parking spot, got comfy in our seats, and changed the radio station to 90.3!

That was the movie that was playing on this fine night. It was actually a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it...but also it was the fact that we were in a DRIVE-IN!

I adore Drive-ins! They are the coolest things! There is that feeling of being a part of something antique, a part of American history.

Not to mention the experience of the Concessions Stand! ha. Now that is something everyone should have to experience!

But anywho, It was such a great night just spending those hours within the walls of Truvy with the girls! I love them, I really do.

Have a Lovely night Bloggy People,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"When Autumn leaves start to fall..."

Where I want to be! So badly!

So if you didnt know, this is a picture of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Autumn. Probably in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Roads in Autumn (in America)...or it should be! I declare it! There is just this awesome feeling of sailing through the parkway with the windows down(for only minutes at a time because it gets quite chilly) 'Autumn Music' playing and breathing in the crisp-est and cleanest air in the WHOLE world. hehe. I want to be there right now! I want to be driving to see Sambird or Nancy & Will! That would make me so happy! A road-trip!! I need to plan one! Real soon!

But for tonight I will just have to dream about my adventures in Boone.

Tonight I have been especially motivated. I also plan to continue with this motivation!

Things I have Accomplished Tonight:
  • Organization of All my binders (a task that has been neglected since the start of school...scary!)
  • Most of a list needed for My Fair Lady Rehearsal on Thursday.
  • Planner...Color Coded with new events & Dated with Meetings with my teachers to keep up or boast my grades while being swamped with theatre for the next 2 months!
  • All homework complete.
  • Studying for PSAT tomorrow...check!
Things to finish Tomorrow:
  • Homework for...AP US History, Study Guide for AP Environmental, Secret for Post-Secret for Twentieth Century Classics.
  • My Fair Lady Rehearsal Reports...and other nic-nacs
  • Any make-up work that I have yet to turn in.

Looks like quite a few things to do tomorrow but, tomorrow is going to be a good day...I KNOW it! My day starts with the PSAT (bleh) but, then improves with a theatre performance during the school day which gets me out of a portion of 4th period! yay. In the rest of 4th period we will continue to discuss a book that I dont particularly like but I like discussing about it! Then we get out early cause its a Wednesday! I am so super excited! Not to mention...Church tomorrow night!!! Yipper Skipper!

I love Wednesdays!

But anywho...I plan on getting to bed by 9pm tonight so I better get going on that...

Praise be to God, for He is faithful and just!

Friday, October 9, 2009

What shall I write of tonight?

First of all, do you like my graphic?! I am so excited about the ones I have made today. I very well know that I am far from good but I am so proud of being able to create something like that on my second try! And what a joy it was to mold and shape a white page into a thing of color and dimension.

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of journeying around the town with one Jess Ray. Tomorrow is the date of Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army's concert at Summit church. I have a duty to this band. The duty that I have loved for the past two years. That duty of mine is to the technical aspect of JR and TRTA. I do love it most dearly. The word duty is only to describe the responsibility to this band. But do not let it fool you! I cannot describe how much i love it.

For now I have to leave you, Max is calling upon his computer!

For now,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Beginning of Autumn Nights

Im sitting on my couch all snuggied up in a warm sweatshirt (which i got from my newly clean closet). It is fairly chilly outside, perfect autumn weather.

Wanna know something else that is perfect tonight?!?!

Alright so I met this girl a couple weeks ago. We have a mutual friend (Sambird!!). Sam had told me that Alexis sang and so I looked her up!

Her music is a perfect blend of soft lovely vocals and beautiful acoustic brilliance. Made for an autumn night consumed by hot tea and a book.

And look...i have both of those! yippee skippee! hehe.

So Im gunna get back to the inner workings of my book.

G'night Bloggy People,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sicky Sickerton.

Today i woke up and i was sick!

I had the works....incredibly painful headache, sneezing every 2 minutes, my mind feeling all fuzzy, my nose...well it just had no air passage lets just put it that way, I was achy and I didnt want to go to school.

The problem: A huge test in 4th period!

So that meant cramming a massive amount of pills down my throat and trying to smile.

The day was rough. But it was a friday and now i can sleep all weekend! woo hoo.

So when i got home I slept from 3 to 6pm! It was great! But then i had to wake up enough to get ready and go to the football game! And at that I had to be peppy and cheerful because I just had to be. After the domination of the football game, my dad took us to Char Grill!

This milkshake...although not very good for my the perfect antidote for my downer mood!

Now i am going to bed and hopefully sleeping for at least 12 hours! Thats my goal!

Happy Dreams Everyone,

Monday, September 28, 2009

As of Right Now....

Currently Listening to:
Ray Lamontagne
Currently Talking to: Jessica Ray & Samantha Crowder
Currently Texting: Bryant.
Currently Thankful for: Having someone with almost the exact taste in music as myself!
Currently Eating: Nestle Chocolate Lovers Cookies
Currently Wearing: (non-skinny)Jeans/T-shirt (Lifted T) and a Hillsong Hat ( i really dont know the real name of them now! ha)
Current Tabs up on the Compie Screen: Facebook/Pandora/Blogger.
Current Mood: Completely and Utterly Content
Current State of my Room: Messyy!!
Current Plans for the week: School/Theatre.
Current Plans for the Weekend: Depends on if I can convince Whitney to go to Boone with me! ha.
Current Season (as of Last week): AUTUMN!!!
Current Fear: That this compie is going to die before I can get power to it! ha.
Current Finger Nail Color: Yellow ( well I was bored today so now it looks like i have yellow polish with a white french tip haha)
Current Thought that Makes My Heart Leap for Joy: That Samantha Crowder is going to be home next semester! Ahh!!
Current Weather : Was stormy and now is quite chilly!
Current Book of the Bible I am reading: Revelations ( and I dont really care if you think that is weird or anything like that because God tells us to KNOW the Bible...from Cover to Cover! No matter if that book is sad, depressing or uncomfortable by our own judgments...I mean why is Revelation so weird to people? it is talking of the coming of our Savior! Yes their might be sacrifice and struggles that are foretold in our future within but what is a suffering if we have Christ?)
Current Ache from Soccer Last Night: My back!
Current Homework that I have yet to finish: AP Environmental.
Current Number of Hours of Sleep I could get if I went to bed Right Now: 6 1/2 ha.
Current Fear that I am Overcoming: Singing in front of People
Current Project: Harmony (Ughh...some days i find it easy...others not so much! I need a formula... Doing this + this = Harmony)
Current Summer Moment I Miss the Most: Beaufort(all memories that come along with that)
Current Weekend I look forward to the Most: VA Film Festival
Current CD in My CD Player In My Room:
Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army
Current On-Going Research: Techie/Worship Conferences in NC this year
Current Memory Replaying in My Head that Is Making Me Giggle: Jess literally Kicking me off of the bed! ha.
Current Number of Espresso Shots Running Through Me: Three. hehe.

Current need: Sleep.

G'night Bloggy People,

Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Georgia Rant.

Today has been a whirlwind of events.

First off...I am THE stage manager for Wakefield Theatre Company's Production of My Fair Lady!!!! Im pretty excited about it.

But that also brings a heavy and rough schedule that combined with my AP load might just kill me by the end. But through the grace, mercy, faithfulness, and the fortress that is God, I will make it through.

Tonight I was sitting here...after a 3:30-6:30pm rehearsal, dinner with the girls, and Goodberrys with the fam...trying to finish up my APUSH homework. Ha. We will see how that goes. But as I was sitting here I had my iTunes going on a shuffle of all of my songs. (always brings out the oldies that I forget about!) Tonight I was typing away at some Historical essay question type thing and a song came on in my ears. This song instantly put a smile on my face. Its a song most people know...Why Georgia by John Mayer. But there is this one memory I have of this song and it just connects my heart with happy moments.

This one memory in particular just sticks out to me. Let me set the scene for you...

North Ridge Youth Senior High Beach Retreat 08... Hanging out before a meeting...Jess Ray has her guitar...I am being kept busy with little Zoe but still listening to Jess's soft strumming.

Alright since the scene is set, let me tell you this story. ( Its pretty uneventful but to me it has always made me so happy...i really dont know why!)

So I hear Jess playing a familiar song. At first I can't pick it out and I am also distracted by Zoe picking up something from the floor and trying to put it in her mouth. Ha. But as she plays it I have the this song playing in my head. In my version the guitar part continues but at that part she just stopped and started playing it the first part over again. So my logical thought progression needed me to ask her if she could play the other was my favorite. But I want yall to know that Jess and I were just getting to be good friends at this point. So I asked her..."Hey can you play the next part of that song?" and she just looked at me for a second and asked "What part?" and so I asked her to play the part she played over again. Then I sang out the next guitar part. She looked at me some more and then answered "Sorry no I cant." So then I went on playing with Zoe. A couple minutes later Jess looked at me and asked me "How did you know to ask that?" and I didnt know how to answer that question. It was just logical for me. It was my favorite part of the song. So thats how i answered. Jess just smiled and nodded her head.

The first time Jess talked to me it was out of an obligation. Not a bad obligation and Im not saying she didnt want to come and talk to me but it is just what she does. She is the Junior High Girls Youth Leader. Whenever there is a new JH Girl she is the first one to go up and talk to them. And thats what I was. But at some point, it changed from that 8th grade girl and her leader to two girls that act like sisters and laugh like friends. Im not sure how to explain how that memory just makes me think of the beginning of our relationship because I mean that was it...we didnt talk about that song ever again but it was so special to me! If you asked Jess if she remembered it, it would probably be some faint memory if any. Thats how little it was. But it just stuck out to me. Thats all, it was special.

And hey you remember the beginning? Do you remember Spring Break 2008? Haha.

I love when good music distracts me,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hugh Bryan

This is a little excerpt from the text i had to read tonight for US History,


Considering the continual scene of vanities before you in that town where you are, which pass under the names of neatness, and innocent diversions and amusements, I shall not be surprised to hear that my last was a disagreeable letter, enjoining unnecessary restraints, and laying you under an obligation to be singular, and consequently to be pointed at, and perhaps ridiculed; but, my dear, let such thoughts put you upon seeking to God for his directions for that true wisdom by which only you may understand his will. God will give liberally, see James I. ver. 5. if we seek with honest and holy intentions to promote his glory, in devoting our lives to his service, which only is the true end of our being. . . . The soul that seeks happiness must be open, and willing to receive reproof, as well as instruction; remember and bear constantly in mind, that in your baptismal vow, you have absolutely renounced all the vanities of this world, and that every superfluous thing is a vanity which you are to shun. All discourse which has no tendency to your own good, or to the good of others, is idle, unprofitable, and sinful, and your actions are to be governed by the same rule; therefore when you find in you an inclination to any vanities, lift up your prayer to God for strength to enable you, and resolve immediately to turn your heart to some object, or subject that may be agreeable to his will. . . .

. . .

O! rest not, my dear, in the love of worldly goods; get out of this spiritual Sodom, from the vain sensual delights which pollute the soul, lest you be consumed with the wicked; flee to your most gracious redeemer, seek to him with strong and constant prayers to accept and justify you by his free grace, and sanctify your corrupt nature by his Holy Spirit, that your whole soul and body may be prepared for his service, and devoted entirely to do his will.

From your affectionate father,


Hugh Bryan and Mary Hutson, Living Christianity (London: J. Buckland, 1760), pp. 21-24."

I loved reading this for school,


Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ending of a Life and a beginning of a Servant.

I cant blog anymore.

I have no drive to do it anymore. This post has taken me about an hour just to start.

I mean, I really want to! I want to be able to sit down and write what i feel and what i have learned. But every time i sit in front of this computer screen I get this block that just crushes my ability to form the sentences and the paragraphs.

I want to blog about the sensational Jess Ray and how she means the world to me or her amazingly cool band The Rag Tag Army! I want to blog about how awesome their new cd is but I want to spend time on it and I want to explain and describe. Im not sure why I am getting this mental block towards Blogspot but I just cant write right now. I just can't sit around and write about trivial things anymore and my day/week but that is exactly where I have been at for the past few months. And I am not saying that Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army are tivial...I mean go listen to their songs and read their lyrics and you will see how significant they really are...but the way I was going to write about them would not do them or the Lord justice at all. I wont do that. I dont want to be worldly. I dont want to talk of things with little value. The words that come out of my mouth or that i type are not mine to do freely with. When Christ died for my redemtion, that is where my freedom of speech ceased to exist. I was bought by Jesus Christ's precious blood.

My heartbeat, my breath, my thoughts, my words are His to do what He pleases.

"My life" ended at birth but the Lord was given a new servant on that day. I will do my best to live a life that pleases Him.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Live from the Cd Release Dress Rehearsal!

I really dont think that there can be more coolness in one room! 

Tonight is the official Jess Ray and the Rag Tag Army Dress Rehearsal! Soooo exciting! 

Today was "Set-Up Day." Which means we do a lot of work in one day. Hanging lights, setting up various instruments, plugging in cord after cord, getting power to everything, Soundcheck (huge portion of the day!), mic-ing everyone and every instrument, getting the necessities of a band ready, giggling with Jessie at random things that just make us laugh, and hanging out with the band.   

Right now I am watching Jess listen to her band play. She must be so proud of them. You can see it in the way she watches them. The way she giggles when one of them does something insanely radical! I love it.

I love being a part of it all. To be able to work with such a great band with such a great purpose. To preach the gospel through their music abilities! 

But I should probably get back to work! hehe. Come to the CD Release...Tomorrow Night @ 8:00pm @ North Ridge Church Raleigh, NC!


Monday, August 31, 2009

Death by Chocolate and Caramel

As I sit here, my shirt is covered in flour, my face covered in chocolate fudge, and I have sitting in front of me a creation deserving an award!

' Death by Chocolate and Caramel Brownies '

They basically are a layer of homemade brownies, a layer of Hersey chocolate bars, then melted caramel, then another layer of brownie, and then scattered Hersey chunks on top.


Now let me tell you how I made a Brownie Sundae out of that...

Take your bowl...put a layer of ice cream down, let it melt. Then add the ooey-gooey brownie. Next add another layer of ice cream (in my case, Chocolate/Vanilla/Oreo). Then cover with whipped cream. And drizzle hot fudge all over that! And if you want presentation...go for the Coco Powder over that!

It is heaven in chocolate!

I am a happy person!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day One Report.

Why do I forget that I love school?

Right now I am sitting in my perfectly lit room, listening to Samantha Whitfield and thinking on what the year has in store for me.

The first day was great! I got to see all of my friends that i hadnt seen since the beginning of the summer!


AP Environmental:

Solid class. Teacher...nice but wouldnt like it if i got on her bad scary! Its gunna be a lot of work. I am going to have to get prepared! We are talking color tabbing and highlighters.

Twentieth Century Classics!!!:

First off...coolest teacher ever! I get to read great books, watch cool movies, have impeccable class discussions on text, read outside...or anywhere on campus, joke with a teacher, have fun in a class i adore already and it has only been the first day! The End...great class....probably more about it throughout the year.

Technical Theatre III:

This year is going to be a bit different since we are being grouped with the theatre class...budget is really all we hear about no-a-days...BUT we are doing My Fair Lady for our musical this year! Along with 41 other performances throughout the year. Including one that will be touring around the county to different school theatres! Crazy year! But hey...its theatre...i love it right?

AP English III:

Parrish!!!! My teacher happens to be my old creative writing teacher!!! How awesome is that...I walked into her classroom today and this was our conversation!

Me: (as i walk in the door) "MRS. PARRISH!! Did you miss me?!?"

Mrs. Parrish: "Of course!"

Me: "Cause you KNOW I missed you!"

Mrs. Parrish: "as you should have."

It was a great moment in my day! haha. Again, a lot of work but its going to be okay.

Now lets talk about how this year works...cause there are definite changes!!

The budget is literally all were hear about from ALL of our teachers! We can't do a TON of things now because of it! But its alright cause we will get through it.

Schedule Changes...

Well lets start with lunch... a one hour lunch period!!! Yipper Skipper! I get one hour to go off campus and go home if id like, go out to eat with anything! Yes!!!

Then we have the Wed. Early Release. Every wednesday we get 1 hour off! So we now end the school day at 1:28pm on wednesdays!! How exciting!

The only change to every other day is that we stay an extra ten minute...not bad at all!

Oooo I almost forgot! We can now have Cell Phones, Ipods, etc... out on school campus inbetween classes and during lunch!!! yay! I am a happy camper.

This year isnt gunna be so bad as i thought, Thank you Almighty God!

Wake Up Call!!!!

6:30 is way too early!

Today is my first day of Junior year! Yipper Skipper! Sammy is coming up to high school too! How crazy is that? My little brother in high school! Weird! But I can only post a little one this morning since i do have to be at school in less than 20 mins. yay!

God give me a strong heart and a bright light for you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goodbye My Summer, It Was Nice to See You!

Topics for today:
  • Jessie Ray's Birthday
  • Church
  • Goodbye Summer
  • Hello Junior Year
Topic 1: Jessie Ray.

Today is Jess Ray's birthday! Happy Birthday Jessie! Last night we stayed up until 12am tie dying t-shirts and watching movies. And just to let you know, I WAS the first to say happy birthday...compared to common belief. It was a most perfect night! I am so happy that was my last Saturday night of freedom! I love those girls. And I love Jess! Happy 21st Year of Existence Day!

Topic 2: Church.

Today in church...there was just something happening! The Holy Spirit was there; He was working in us. It was great to see my church come together as one to worship. Sometimes I feel like the church gets divided...well ours does. The two groups... The People That Like The Worship and The Ones That Dont. I mean, I am totally guilty of this. But it leads to people straying away from their purpose. Their purpose being, exalting the One that created them. Everyone gets caught up in..."Who chose this song?"..."Why are they leading?"..."I wouldn't have chosen that one!". But guys...Can we worry about that later? I mean if you dont feel the Spirit in that song...sit down and pray. Pray to Lord to bring The Spirit down to you. Pray that The Spirit would fill the church no matter the song, the person, the choice. Can we stop being arrogant and humble ourselves to the Lord? And I understand that the role of the worship leader is to lead us to The Spirit but can we stop...stop and praise....Because He is worthy of praise right? Do you believe that? Do you believe Jesus Christ, Lord on High, is better than the song, the person, the choice? Then matter if that is sitting down and bowing your head or singing along wholeheartedly! Stop standing around! Steph STOP STANDING AROUND! Body of Christ STOP STANDING AROUND!
...okay so that was my rant of the day.

Topic 3: Goodbye Summer.

This summer was filled with great memories. Beaufort being some of my favorites! From just waking up and walking out to the dock and watching as the sun as it crept along sky with some people i would call family in a heartbeat! A summer filled with a license, a job, a phone! Things are going to probably be changing next summer but i will always have these memories to hold onto!

Topic 4: Hello Junior Year.

So im a Junior guys! Whoa! I know! My junior year is going to be packed with...AP Classes, READING!, Theatre, YOUTH GROUP(i am so stoked about this new year! For a couple reasons!), friends, Tech for youth group!!!!!!!!!, Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army, Lifted Events!...and Im sure so much more. Leaning on the shoulder of the Lord. He is how I am going to get through this. He is my strength and my stronghold. He is my fortress and refuge. He is my master and commander. He is my home and my father. He is my comfort and my hope. He is my breath and beat. He is laughter and my tears. He is fear and my respect. He is my freedom and redeemer. He is my feet and path. He is El. He is my God. He is the Creator. He is the Savior. He is Yahweh. He is Jehovah. He is the Almighty One. He is The One. He is I AM.

The evil one will try to tempt and scheme. My ears will not hear. My eyes will be blind. My mouth will be shut.

He says it's impossible... but I know it's possible
He says it's improbable... but I know it's tangible
He says it's not grab able... but I know it's have able
Cause anythings possible... Cause anything is possible

You are my peace of mind... That old me is left behind
You are my peace of mind... You're my peace of mind
He's my peace of mind... He's my peace of mind
He's my peace of mind... What a joy it is to be alive
To get another chance, yeah... Every day's another chance
To get it right this time... every day's another chance

Oh what a merciful... merciful, merciful God
Oh what a wonderful... wonderful wonderful God (continue to end)
What a merciful... merciful, merciful, merciful God
What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, merciful
Merciful, merciful, wonderful
Merciful, wonderful...

I was kinda rant-y on this post...but im okay with that.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Morning Joys.

This morning i awoke to the slight whines of puppies at the foot of my bed.

As I lifted my eyelids I found two sets of brown eyes and a set of wagging tails. A groaned pushed through the smile on my face. 6:24am was way too early for me. But duty called...or should i say Indie and Cinder. My movement from bed to floor caused the excited frenzy of licks and jumps...again way too early for such play. But cute morning puppy faces were perfect remedies for such a annoyance of time. So after a quick potty time I plopped back into my luscious bed for another hour of

The Alarm.

shleep-shtate was interrupted by a loud repetitive sound echoing from my small phone. I dont think my hand could have moved faster towards the STOP button. And then i laid there, trying to remember what sleeping felt like...the memory was just about as good as the real thing. Next step...shower time. The abnormally hot shower, along with my Morning Burst facial scrub awoke my mind enough to pick out a decent outfit for a day at the shop and apply my make-up in a smooth and proper manner., purse, and keys. These are no ordinary keys...these are the keys to the famous
Truvy The Rocket Taxi. They have special powers...if you didnt know. A quick goodbye to the mother and to the puppies and I was out the door to an awaiting Truvy. As Truvy and I took to the road our destination was Starbies it is. Ten minutes later I was holding two cups. One, Triple Grande White Mocha. Two, Triple Grande Vanilla Mocha. So with a good CD Mix in the player I was off to the apt to pick up the sis.

With our cups of smooth coffee in hand, Whit and I, drove the thirty minute distance to downtown Raleigh, where Stitch was awaiting unlocked doors.

Good Morning I'd agree?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Matt McGinn...My Fave Person of 2009

My experience of Coldplay.

Lets start at the beginning, shall we....

It was Wednesday afternoon. I was downstairs in the shop, at work. There was sort of a lull in the customer flow so I was doing to inventory type things. Then this guy walks in. Normal guy, well normal for downtown soo...use your imagination. But for the most point he was your average joe. Then he starts to buy a T-shirt and so i start to ring him up. At this point i realize he has a British accent. As I try to get his British credit card to work (which ultimately didnt) he hears that we have Coldplay playing in the shop (my pick because I wanted to get pumped up for their concert.) The rest of this story i am going to put in dialog form ( by the way his name is Matt but we didn't figure that out until later)

Matt: (in British accent) So do you like these guys?

Me: "Yes, yes i do! I am actually going to their show on thursday."

Matt: "So tomorrow?"

Me: "Oh yes sorry...its been a long day."

Matt: " Well, you will see me there. I am the guitar tech for Jonny Buckland.


Did he just say guitar TECH for Jonny Buckland, the Jonny Buckland? One of the best guitar players ever! Jonny Buckland from Coldplay? Well let me answer that for you...YES!!! At this point in our conversation my breathing starts to fail!


Me: "Really?!?"

Matt: "Yes. So do you have lawn tickets?"

Me: "Yeah."

Matt: "Would you like seat tickets?"

Me: (Breathing is no longer an option at this point) "Y-y-yes!! Could you do that?" ( "could you do that"...really Steph...he is Jonny Buckland's guitar tech...OF COURSE he can!)

Matt: "Yeah...just put your name here on this card and if there are available tickets then i can get you in, easy." (by the way...he is soo cool and calm...and then you look at me...Freaking out calmly.) "So are you going alone?"

Me: (stuttering)"N-n-no, im going with my friend Catherine." (At this point I have told Whit and Holly who is in our shop and Whit is helping to get his British card to work and sell him the Raleigh t-shirt)

Matt: (we have finished his purchase and now he is about to leave) Alright, Stephanie Drummond plus one. I'll call you before you close. When do you close?"

Me: (still stuttering) "S-six."

Matt: "Alright Stephanie, Ill talk to you later."

(exit Matt, Holly and Whit come over and look at me.)

Whit: "Do you need to sit down?"

Me: (Laughter)...I just met the guitar tech for Coldplay! He is getting me tickets...I need to sit down!

So after two phone calls to certain people that HAD to be informed...i waited. Then it came, the phone call.

Whit anwered:
Whit:"Hello...mmm Yeah, hold on." (hands the phone slowly to me as we smile at each other)

Me: "Hello, this is Stephanie"

Matt: "Hello Stephanie! Its Matt from earlier."

Me: "Oh, oh yeah." (listen to me...trying to sound all cool like I wasnt just waiting by the phone for his call! HA)

Matt:"You got a ticket, plus one!"

After that he went on a rant about how to get the tickets and what not! Then I got off the phone and again had to sit down! And then I called Cat!! this was our conversation...

Cat: "Hello."

Me: "Cat, we got the tickets!!!"

Cat: "OH MY GOSH!!...OHH MY GOSH!!!....OH MY GOSH.."

The "Oh my goshes" continued for the rest of the conversation!

Alright now speed up a day...

Setting: At the front gate of the Walnut Creek Amphitheater, walking towards Will Call.

So as I walk up to Will Call there is a separate window for The Band Tickets. So I, as calmly as possible, walk up to the window and give the great man my ID. The next account is our conversation.

The Man: "Alright so did you buy your tickets with .... (I dont remember what he said there) or are you with the band?"

Me: "The band." (in my freaking out)

The Man: "Okay so which band, cause you know we have three tonight?"

Me: "Coldplay." (Still trying to be calm...but again inside I am freaking out)

The Man: "Great, here is your tickets...enjoy." (HAHA like we wont enjoy our show! HA)

So as we walk away to get our tickets scanned Catherine and I look down at our tickets and they say on the top right corner... Artist Comp $0.00 !!! I got comped by the artist! hahahaha oh my gosh! haha

Next we got into the theatre and continue down the lawn to see our friends and get the ones we came with down to where they were on the lawn...which by the way Kellie and Micah did a fantastic job to get them all the way in the front!

After saying our hellos Catherine and I went to go check out our seats...So we go up to the seats and then look down again at our tickets...Section 1!!!! So we walk all the way around to the other separate entrance for the Section 1 ticket holders (thats us!!). So we go find out that our tickets are Section the rightish...about 9 rows back! ahhh!!

Now when we were down there we saw that the tech crew was setting up for Coldplay...and there was Matt!!! So Catherine and I, for the next id say 5 minutes, called "MATT!!!", we even got some other people to do it with us! haha. Then he saw us!! We waved...I lipped "Thank You!" ...He waved, smiled, and continued tuning Jonny Buckland's guitar!!! hahaha.

The show begins...and that is another story...let me just say it was probably the most unbelievable concert I have ever been to and will ever go to! It was insanely perfect!

My Story of The Viva La Vida Tour,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Redeemed to be in His Holy Presence

I dont want to write anymore.
...anymore about things that are unimportant. haha. Sorry I just needed to scare you a bit.
But I dont want this to be a joking blog. I want this to be truth. I want my words to be truth. And by truth I mean I want the great and powerful, almighty and all-knowing Lord to come and speak through my unclean and wretchedly dirty lips.
I am listening to a new Hillsong song called We The Redeemed.
Just think about the word "Redeemed." To be redeemed from something. Cleared by payment. To discharge in FULL. To restore freedom to those restrained by paying a ransom. to be Rescued. To set free.

We have been cleared by payment. We have been discharged in full. We have been restored to freedom from our bondage of our sinful nature. We have been Rescued. We have been set free!
I cant seem to grasp it even as i write about it and listen to it in the words of this song! God, the almighty one, the creator of all, the impeccable Perfection, the reigning King, the gracious Savior, the faithful One...He redeemed us! He set us free from our imperfect human natures. An eternity of forgiveness for the ultimate sacrifice of His Son the glorious Christ Jesus!
Think about John 3:16 with me for a second!
John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall never parish and have everlasting life."
And I know we have heard this verse so many times and can recite it in our sleep. It is even written on the bottom of a Forever 21 shopping bag (its true...if you ever buy something from there check it out next time). But this time, look at it again. And I mean really look at it. Let's look at is little by little together...
"For God so loved the world..." His love is endless and incomparable! Read Ephesians! It is packed full of God's unfathomable love for His creation!
"that He gave..." He GAVE!! He provides for us everyday but at this particular moment He GAVE His son! He gave Jesus as a sacrifice! A SACRIFICE! FOR YOU AND I!!! How are we worthy of that!?!?!? We arent...let me tell you, I am definitely not! But He is an awesome God, an awesome Creator!
"His one and only Son..." Guys...did you just read what I read?!?!?! His one and ONLY Son! This isnt just a verse guys!! Your God just gave His one and ONLY Son and then we go around thinking that we are so high and mighty! We think we can survive on our own cause we were forgiven so now we can live out a life that suits us! WHAT?!?!?! How in the world does that make sense?!?! IT DOESNT! We were bought by our God's Son's precious blood! A sacrifice that binds us to God. We are His and He deserves all of our praise!
"so whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life." Our first reaction to this line most of the time, or at least mine, is that we hear the phrase "everlasting life" and our ears perk up. "Oo everlasting life sounds cool. I want to be immortal." But seriously, you are going to have an everlasting life its just the matter of if you choose to sit at the foot of the Lord and praise and worship Him for the rest of your days [WHOA AHH HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND?!?!] or if you decide to live in a pit of torture and despair and being separated by the One who You are made for?
He gave us the chance to be with Him because that is what He wants. He wants His creation to be with Him! He calls out to us, by name, every day. So...Stephanie, Sarah, Katie, Quinn, Nancy, Sam, Catherine, Whitney...Are you going to be listening? You are redeemed by God. You are His Chosen. As a chosen child...what are you going to do about it? Live your days like the world or live your days as a creation made in the likeness of God?
"This is the sound of the redeemed rising up to praise the king!"
"We the redeemed, hear us singing, You are holy. You are holy!"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Websites for Everyone!!!

That link above me is to my favorite band of all time...and I am being completely honest. But I am kinda biased. haha. But anywho...they got a new website to match their new CD coming out on Sept. 12th...Mark your calenders people! Let me say it again...Sept. 12, 2009 at North Ridge Church in Raleigh NC! Please Check out the website...soon you will be able to check out their music. But since you can really yet...just take my word for it! They are amazing! Jess Ray has an impeccable voice and insane musical abilities! And The Rag Tag Army is what the rest of Jess's band is called! They consist of Daniel Faucette, Dustin Miller, and John Ray! [But The Rag Tag Army doesnt just end there but we will get on that subject sometime later. :) ] Anywho, all three of those boys are extremely gifted people. But this band is not only about playing good is also and mainly about "clearly presenting the gospel through their actions and their music"...which is part of their mission statement.
So everyone check them out...NOW!
And one more....
Really there is a lot to explain about Lifed Events and for me not that much time to write. Lifted Events is a cooperation with the organiztion Remember Nhu. Lifted Events are events held at different venues around North Carolina and now Ohio to raise awarness and support for the prevention of global sex-trafficking. Now for more information go to the link provided above.

Go to these sites...NOW!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Good Days Work

Im am at work.
So it is about 6:02pm on Thursday July 30, 2009. The shop is officially closed. Whether people realize this and do not come in is another subject.
Report of the Day:
We had a decent day of sales. A good flow of customers throughout the day. Including my favorite breeds. Children and men looking for presents for their significant other. Children are always fun! They like to talk to you and find out what you are doing. They always have something interesting to say or never gets boring. And then there is my other favorite breed. The men always come in and have this one look on their faces! Its a look that says "I am in uncharted teritory and I have no clue what i am doing. HELP ME!" You can basically always detect it and it is fun! and when you ask them if you can help and breath of relief flows out of them! haha. Its pretty comical. But other than the customers I got most of my To Do Today List done. I have a couple of things to finish up tomorrow but they are little projects.
But now it is time to go and whitney is standing over me with this look that say.. Alright lets go! haha so I must leave you but i will write again soon.
The Quote of the Day:
Little Girl: " I'm interested in eating a cockroach."
Me: "Why?"
Little Girl: "Cause they taste fleshy!"
hahaha. I thought yall would enjoy that!

the worker,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

And Now Back to the Future.

I am lying on the floor of the apartment.
I have been thinking a lot about the future lately. I blame the apt. They have all been talking about the future a lot in the past few weeks.
But what happens when i go to college? What happens when i leave this place? This place that i love so much. This place where painted birds and laughter surround my every move. A place were a guitar or a piano is a common sound that flows through my ears. This place were sitting on a red couch with a puppy in your lap is an every day occurrence. The place where the three most important girls in my life occupy its area. My sisters.
Its a sad thought i know. But really the probability of just Jess making it to my senior year or graduation without leaving is pretty slim. My bet is she leaves next summer. Not at all saying that I want it!! Good gosh, i think ill cry for a week! and I am so not joking about that at all! It might be longer.
Catherine...really I am clueless to what could happen within the next two years of her life. The phrase "God only knows." is really perfect for how i feel about Catherine's future. In two years she could be in Thailand...whoa! Talk about bitter-sweet! Catherine going to Thailand would be awesome but seriously...moving all the way across the world? But its in Gods perfect hands.
Whitney...yeah well. Heres what im thinking...whit meets a guy. Guy is perfect. They marry. and this all happens within a couple years. But when was it about what i was thinking? Again, God has a plan. But all i can say...Im gunna miss her, like unbelievably much!
But lets say, hypothetically of course, that they all make it to when I go to college. Saying goodbye to not only them but to everyone here. I am so ready for college but in that respect...i am SOO not ready!
Listen to me, i am going on about college when that is two years away. But in reality that is such a short amount of time. I want to treasure every moment i have with these girls. It could be a year before one of them leaves my life...maybe for quite a long time.
Today was awesome because I got to spend time with Catherine! Which lately has been kind of scattered! I am getting to help her out on something that I am very excited about!
Now i get to spend entire days with my sister because i work with her! For 8 hours a day for 4 days a week, i get to spend time with her! How exciting is that? Its perfect, let me just tell you!
And Jess. Well I have been able to spend a couple days with her pre-wedding and then i spent a couple days with her at the beach post wedding. But now I might see her for the next few days...but then!!! She leaves for like 2 weeks or so! I'll miss her like crazy...and she better be ready for some love texts [random texts that say I love you].
I need sleep.

Trusting in God's more that capable hands,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Responsibilities of a Sixteenth Year Old Heart.

Last year on my sixteenth birthday I got a card. In this card was a note from someone very special to me. Her name is Catherine Elizabeth Walker. This note started out with a little birthday poem. A silly poem written by the Dr. Cat Seuss herself. And then comes the good stuff. The stuff i could read over and over again just because i know that Catherine wrote it. But there was one thing that always stuck out to me. It was one sentence that stuck with me throughout the next 7 months.

" You're 16, which means more is going to be expected of you... :) "

I didn't know what she meant. I was very confused for a long time. But I think I just realized what she was talking about.

The last three weeks, or all of July, has been a whirlwind of new and "older people" things. It all started with my License. You know the "right of passage" of a 16 year old, whatever that means. Five days after that, I got a cell phone. Yet another acceptance technique for all teens...whatever. I just wanted to be able to communicate with my friends at any point in the day without having to ask someone else. Next...I got a job! Seriously! Stephanie Lauren Drummond got a job!

Skip to a week later...

I get my first pay check...which was quite nice i might add. Therefore I needed a bank account. So I went to the bank and set up my checking and savings account. So just think about it for a my purse there are the following new items: Keys to all the various cars that the Drummond household owns joined with a key to the house and the apt, a plastic card that states i can drive aka a drivers license, a cell phone, and now a plastic card that allows money to flow from me to whatever I plan on buying with MY money! This is insane.

But I'm not done...

Today I got a text from my co-worker aka my sister. This text contained words that, formed together, made a question that asked if I wanted more days of work...or in my head...more time with the sis, Holly Aiken, Rey Rey, and more money to save for various expenses that are coming up! My answer...yes. So now I will be working 4 days a week for 8 hours a day...downtown, with my sister, and at Stitch!!! Seriously, is there a better first job for a 16 year old! ANDD... I will also be working on Saturdays throughout the school year! I am sooo excited!

But you know what...this still isnt what Catherine was talking about. Yes, all of these things are giving me more responsibility and tasks but that wasn't what she meant.

This next year I will be a Junior in High School. With that I will have a ton of school and theatre responsibilities, that at this moment i wont go into...mostly cause i don't want to think about them. And they have no meaning to what I am about to go into.

Being a Junior I am going to have curtain responsibilities pertaining to the Lord. Not like i don't have them every other year of my life. But I remember when I was a youngster coming into youth group. I remember looking up to those "juniors."... Katie, Anna, and John. I know how important it is that I am a good leader for them. I need to show them Christ in my actions. It might be the first time they get to see Christ in a them, but different. I want to show Christ to them! I want to lead them into the light.

So that might just be the tiniest bit of what Catherine meant but i cant wait to find out all the other things that are going to happen in the next 5 months of my 16 year old life.

Oh and I almost forgot to add the last part of what Catherine said after that sentence...

"But, I know and trust that you will not disappoint."

Thank you Catherine for an encouragement,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking Ahead

The School Year is only about a month away.

I can't even believe I typed that out on my own. I am dreading it. Ahh this just scares me!

Okay so I have like a couple days worth of AP Summer work that i must get done within this month but

God has already revealed to me that this year is going to be tough. He has already laid in my lap the vision of me crying myself to sleep at nights at the struggles of this year. It is my junior year and let me just list the things I will be participating in:

  • AP U.S. History...aka The Hardest AP Course in the Wakefield Curriculum. ( Year Long Course)
  • AP English 3 (Year Long Course)
  • AP Environmental Science
  • Honors Pre-Calculus
  • Stage Managing.
  • Theatre in general.
  • Tech for Church yr. 2
  • Working with Lifted and Remember Nhu AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
  • Graduation Project
  • Jess and the Band....which means helping out with them as much as possible.
  • Anything else Jess asks me to do...cause I can't say no to her and I never want to say no.
  • Work.
  • Raising money for Life 2010.
  • Raising money for a car.
  • College Decisions
  • Life in general.

Can I handle all of that?

The answer to that question is yes. You wanna know why i know how? Because I have faith that God will equip me with everything I need to get through this year. I'm not saying that i wont have hard times and rough patches but one thing that I must hold onto is that God will be right beside me. And I know that He will teach me so much.

My planner is going to be my best friend.

Prayers for this year are much appreciated!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Sister Type Bond.

Today I watched something amazing.

Today I watched as two best friends clung onto the last few moments they had together. Even though really they have days, every moment is crucial. I had the privilege to watch as they did something that is very special to both of them; they made music together. They sat on the piano bench and just sang. They played songs that they had played for years. Songs that meant so much to each of them. Songs they had sung together since they were teenagers.

But this time there were tears. This time they had flashbacks to when they were teenagers and they were just learning to sing. The realizations that they had voices. The laughter filled nights that lead to the learning of that particular song. The Minki Moments.

I sat there and my mind went to the sisterly love they shared. I thought of all the moments i have seen them together. The different kind of laughter they share for only each other. The personalities that come out only when they are together. The voices that mesh together, just oh so perfectly. The tales of their teenhood days. I sat and wanted to cry with them. A friendship was being broken by 5 1/2 of land.

The rest of the day I thought mainly about that moment. That moment, that bond, between the best friends. As I thought and as I pondered on what the future was going to contain, I realized something.

People always say that a friendship bond cannot be broken by land or sea. Plainly, sometimes that is not true. Take it from someone who has moved. BUT, and this is a huge but, this friendship is different. This friendship is a sisterhood. And I hate how The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has now cushioned the word Sisterhood. Because a sisterhood is literally a bond that, no matter what, can never be broken. And its kind of cheesy but it is legitimately how I see their relationship. They are no longer just friends, they became sisters a long time ago. I have watched them very closely, however creepy that sounds...its just the way I am...I am observant. But they are truly something special.

And as I read back over what i have written, I hate how commercial i sound. I sound like everyone else who tries to comfort a separation of friends. The same old lines " Yall are different." "Your bond REALLY can't be broken." I mean look at any going away card in Hallmark and you will see the same lines over and over again. I completely don't like that I cant think of anything more original. And personally when things change I absolutely HATE when people say, "Everything is going to be okay." I know that when they say that my thoughts are as follows: "Could yall just be quite because yall dont know what its gunna be like! What if its not okay? What if things change for the worst and not for the better?" But you know what I have learned from all of that...all I can do is trust God.

But anyway all I say is true. All I wrote is my feelings towards the matter. Which is assuming of me to think that I should even have feelings on the situation. But I love them both and I dont like to see them hurting.

So I hope that even for a moment I gave some comfort.

Jessie: I love you my darling. This post could have been a horrid thing for me to do or a great one...I am still undecided at the moment. Maybe you could help me with that...blink once if you didnt like this and blink twice if you did like it. Well on second thought, I wont see you when you do that sooo...bad idea. hehe. But the next time i see you, which will probably be at the wedding and you will be all pretty, I am going to give you a big hug. Just to give you a reference...Think hug after my baptism cause thats what im going for. love you.

Sorry to all Minkis and Apt Gals if I cropped you out of a picture.