Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleepy Morning. Sleepy Week.

Im so tired.
Its really not tired...its exhausted. I forget that 7am-9pm school days are just hard.

And its not only that Im ust physically exhausted...

  • Im tired of waking up to the stress of having 5 technicians running a full Wakefield Theatre Production...when we usually have a little less than double that.
  • Im tired of going to class to find out that I have more work to do.
  • Im tired of not seeing my family.
  • Im tired of not seeing the girls or Indie.
  • Im tired of having to do 2+ hours of homework AFTER a 14 hour day.
  • Im tired of pulling All-Nighters.
  • Im tired of this show! Its not even fun!
  • Im tired of the feelings that I could burst into tears at any moment.
  • Im tired of 5 or less hours of sleep.
  • Im tired of my schedule being completely booked.
  • Im tired of failing my classes.
  • Im tired of being a walking zombie.
  • Im tired of trying to act like I am enjoying doing this.
  • Im tired of feeling behind...IN EVERYTHING.
  • Im tired of Essays Due on Opening Day and 200 question Study Guides due the day after!
  • Im tired of my teachers saying "Well you shouldn't have done the musical if you couldnt handle my classload and the production!"
  • Im tired of my communication being only through the internet and cell phone.
  • Im tired.

Lord, Im exhausted. Come to my rescue because You are the only one who can cure my weak state!


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