Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All-Nighter 101


Starbucks!!! Triple Grande White Mocha. :)
A computer.

Tonights Playlist:
- Samantha Whitfield
- Alexis Worthington
-Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army
- Paper Route (& on Youtube "Live @ Grantland pt.1&2)
- iTunes Shuffe ( Mindy Smith, Ray Lamontagne, Mute Math, John Mayer, Lauryn Hill, Loquat, Eisley, Joshua Radin... It was a good Shuffle night!!)

Im gettin pretty good at this All-nighter thing.

But then is opening night for my performance tomorrow. So most likely Im gunna be regreting this. ha. Oh well.

A friend once told me that all of this school stuff isnt going to matter after I get out. I have held onto that fact. Because if I really think about purpose on earth is not to get good grades and excel in acedemics so that i can get a good true purpose is to glorify God and to share His hope and good news to the world. So what idiot came up with the idea that education was the main priority? Ha. So here I go...not caring if I pass or fail a high school course or if I ruin a theatrical performance...because those things are dumb and fleeting. He is forever. His mission is mine.

Oooo... Are We All Forgotten just came on...I love this song!!!

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