Monday, March 16, 2009

From Planning to Product

The Project Concert was last Saturday. All the planning and setting up paid off. It went great...better than great! The entire day i was anxious and nervous and excited. And as it arrived we scrambled to get things finished.

I have to say...i adore being a techie/assistant! Im serious! Some just dont like to be "ordered around" all the time but i like being given a task from someone. I love helping! And then add working with cables/cords/mics/lights/sound/computers/music...etc. just makes it all the better! And that was all i did on Saturday was helped and i was perfectly fine with that...actually i enjoyed it thoroughly! That is why i would love to work with a band or a youth conference somewhere.

If i worked for Jess and the band for the rest of my life...awesome [actually a little bit more than awesome, but just a little...hehe] but if i am working with someone else, i am perfectly fine with that! As long as i am praising God every moment of my day...i will be perfectly content.

And now Jess is leaving on Thursday to go and record part of her album in Texas!! ahh! I am soo excited for her! Her album will be coming out in roughly 2 months and there will be a bid CD release! I just think this is the start of something big for her! I am praying that God will use this album and Jess to reach many hearts and bring them to Christ! I know He can do it easily, but i am praying and hoping and asking; but it is His will ultimately!

I dont know if i will get to see Jess before she leaves in a couple days but i will hold onto that hug we shared after the show on was like the hug i got after my baptism...but possibly even better! I love her. I'll admit it, i look up to Jess like crazy and follow her around like a little puppy and Dan and Dustin can crack jokes as much as they want. hehe.



Katie Smith said...

What's this about houston!?

Taylor said...

That sounds like fun! I can't lie... I love being a tech nerd as well...