Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silent While Waiting.

Tonight He spoke to me.

Through pictures and voices, through smiles and tears, through devastation and hope. I watched the video and began to weep and at first i tried to hide the tears that streamed down my face but then later i released them from the cage of my eyelids.

God put me in the most perfect place tonight. I usually sit in the midst of friends at youth group. But tonight was different. I came to Youth Group late tonight because we were just arriving back from a three hour long trip. So tonight i sat on the other side from my friends and my usual station, so i wouldn't disturb them. But because of that, i wasn't worrying about who was sitting to my left, my right, my north, my south, east, west...i didn't care. So i gave myself to His plan and works, and not caring about what "they" thought.

The video...actually i cant audibly tell you my thought process during the video...i cant even tell you my thought process right now! All i know and all i can say is that
I cant just sit around while people are in pain and suffering over the entire face of this earth and they don't even know there is a hope, i have found that hope whilst enduring pain and i need for others to know that hope!

My life was going in one direction...and now, now i don't know where it is going. I have stopped to listen to the whisper of his voice that towers over the screams of this world.


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