Monday, March 30, 2009

What Tea Can Inspire...

I am sick.

But as of right now I am sitting in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and I am drinking a lovely hot lemon zinger tea. I love tea when I am sick. I mean i like it all the time, but there is something about it when i am sick. I got home tonight from a demanding twelve hour day and all i wanted was medication and tea. The soothing scent and the smooth feeling of warmth flow down my sore and achy throat. The feeling of the warm cup against my cold fingertips. Every sip takes me to a place in my imagination where there are no sicknesses and no silly colds. It guides me through smiles and laughter and thinking happy thoughts. A land where I lie in a most comfortable spot on my most favorite green field that i have fantasized in the deepest part of my mind. I am sitting in the perfect combination of sunlight, warmth, and a cool crisp breeze that flows from the nearby ocean beach. The breeze smells of salt as it crawls up my free nose. I am sitting on a soft blanket with books that have taken up one corner and a picnic in the center. My friends surround me and I laugh with them in my joy of my talking picture called imagination. There is music being played and made and we are carefree and laughter is our fuel. This day is endless and it is lovely.

I wish someday to go to that place in my imagination. To find that perfect moment where the oceans meet the land and the day is devoted to reading and writing; laughing and crying; playing and talking; living and breathing; praising and worshiping. I would want so dearly to be spontaneous and jump into a moving vehicle that is headed to the wet called the Atlantic ocean. I want for a day to pack a picnic, gather my friends and leave. To drive with our hands soaring out the windows, grasping for the invisible that sweeps over our skin. For the day, we do nothing but be free with each other. When night falls we surround ourselves with the light of candles and lie starring at the starry night sky. And when the morning hours awake, we pack up and head back dreaming of the next perfect day.

Oh how i wish.

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