Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ending of a Life and a beginning of a Servant.

I cant blog anymore.

I have no drive to do it anymore. This post has taken me about an hour just to start.

I mean, I really want to! I want to be able to sit down and write what i feel and what i have learned. But every time i sit in front of this computer screen I get this block that just crushes my ability to form the sentences and the paragraphs.

I want to blog about the sensational Jess Ray and how she means the world to me or her amazingly cool band The Rag Tag Army! I want to blog about how awesome their new cd is but I want to spend time on it and I want to explain and describe. Im not sure why I am getting this mental block towards Blogspot but I just cant write right now. I just can't sit around and write about trivial things anymore and my day/week but that is exactly where I have been at for the past few months. And I am not saying that Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army are tivial...I mean go listen to their songs and read their lyrics and you will see how significant they really are...but the way I was going to write about them would not do them or the Lord justice at all. I wont do that. I dont want to be worldly. I dont want to talk of things with little value. The words that come out of my mouth or that i type are not mine to do freely with. When Christ died for my redemtion, that is where my freedom of speech ceased to exist. I was bought by Jesus Christ's precious blood.

My heartbeat, my breath, my thoughts, my words are His to do what He pleases.

"My life" ended at birth but the Lord was given a new servant on that day. I will do my best to live a life that pleases Him.

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