Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Georgia Rant.

Today has been a whirlwind of events.

First off...I am THE stage manager for Wakefield Theatre Company's Production of My Fair Lady!!!! Im pretty excited about it.

But that also brings a heavy and rough schedule that combined with my AP load might just kill me by the end. But through the grace, mercy, faithfulness, and the fortress that is God, I will make it through.

Tonight I was sitting here...after a 3:30-6:30pm rehearsal, dinner with the girls, and Goodberrys with the fam...trying to finish up my APUSH homework. Ha. We will see how that goes. But as I was sitting here I had my iTunes going on a shuffle of all of my songs. (always brings out the oldies that I forget about!) Tonight I was typing away at some Historical essay question type thing and a song came on in my ears. This song instantly put a smile on my face. Its a song most people know...Why Georgia by John Mayer. But there is this one memory I have of this song and it just connects my heart with happy moments.

This one memory in particular just sticks out to me. Let me set the scene for you...

North Ridge Youth Senior High Beach Retreat 08... Hanging out before a meeting...Jess Ray has her guitar...I am being kept busy with little Zoe but still listening to Jess's soft strumming.

Alright since the scene is set, let me tell you this story. ( Its pretty uneventful but to me it has always made me so happy...i really dont know why!)

So I hear Jess playing a familiar song. At first I can't pick it out and I am also distracted by Zoe picking up something from the floor and trying to put it in her mouth. Ha. But as she plays it I have the this song playing in my head. In my version the guitar part continues but at that part she just stopped and started playing it the first part over again. So my logical thought progression needed me to ask her if she could play the other was my favorite. But I want yall to know that Jess and I were just getting to be good friends at this point. So I asked her..."Hey can you play the next part of that song?" and she just looked at me for a second and asked "What part?" and so I asked her to play the part she played over again. Then I sang out the next guitar part. She looked at me some more and then answered "Sorry no I cant." So then I went on playing with Zoe. A couple minutes later Jess looked at me and asked me "How did you know to ask that?" and I didnt know how to answer that question. It was just logical for me. It was my favorite part of the song. So thats how i answered. Jess just smiled and nodded her head.

The first time Jess talked to me it was out of an obligation. Not a bad obligation and Im not saying she didnt want to come and talk to me but it is just what she does. She is the Junior High Girls Youth Leader. Whenever there is a new JH Girl she is the first one to go up and talk to them. And thats what I was. But at some point, it changed from that 8th grade girl and her leader to two girls that act like sisters and laugh like friends. Im not sure how to explain how that memory just makes me think of the beginning of our relationship because I mean that was it...we didnt talk about that song ever again but it was so special to me! If you asked Jess if she remembered it, it would probably be some faint memory if any. Thats how little it was. But it just stuck out to me. Thats all, it was special.

And hey you remember the beginning? Do you remember Spring Break 2008? Haha.

I love when good music distracts me,

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Katie Smith said...

Stephanie Drummond, you are amazing and I love you and miss you!