Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hugh Bryan

This is a little excerpt from the text i had to read tonight for US History,


Considering the continual scene of vanities before you in that town where you are, which pass under the names of neatness, and innocent diversions and amusements, I shall not be surprised to hear that my last was a disagreeable letter, enjoining unnecessary restraints, and laying you under an obligation to be singular, and consequently to be pointed at, and perhaps ridiculed; but, my dear, let such thoughts put you upon seeking to God for his directions for that true wisdom by which only you may understand his will. God will give liberally, see James I. ver. 5. if we seek with honest and holy intentions to promote his glory, in devoting our lives to his service, which only is the true end of our being. . . . The soul that seeks happiness must be open, and willing to receive reproof, as well as instruction; remember and bear constantly in mind, that in your baptismal vow, you have absolutely renounced all the vanities of this world, and that every superfluous thing is a vanity which you are to shun. All discourse which has no tendency to your own good, or to the good of others, is idle, unprofitable, and sinful, and your actions are to be governed by the same rule; therefore when you find in you an inclination to any vanities, lift up your prayer to God for strength to enable you, and resolve immediately to turn your heart to some object, or subject that may be agreeable to his will. . . .

. . .

O! rest not, my dear, in the love of worldly goods; get out of this spiritual Sodom, from the vain sensual delights which pollute the soul, lest you be consumed with the wicked; flee to your most gracious redeemer, seek to him with strong and constant prayers to accept and justify you by his free grace, and sanctify your corrupt nature by his Holy Spirit, that your whole soul and body may be prepared for his service, and devoted entirely to do his will.

From your affectionate father,


Hugh Bryan and Mary Hutson, Living Christianity (London: J. Buckland, 1760), pp. 21-24."

I loved reading this for school,


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