Monday, September 28, 2009

As of Right Now....

Currently Listening to:
Ray Lamontagne
Currently Talking to: Jessica Ray & Samantha Crowder
Currently Texting: Bryant.
Currently Thankful for: Having someone with almost the exact taste in music as myself!
Currently Eating: Nestle Chocolate Lovers Cookies
Currently Wearing: (non-skinny)Jeans/T-shirt (Lifted T) and a Hillsong Hat ( i really dont know the real name of them now! ha)
Current Tabs up on the Compie Screen: Facebook/Pandora/Blogger.
Current Mood: Completely and Utterly Content
Current State of my Room: Messyy!!
Current Plans for the week: School/Theatre.
Current Plans for the Weekend: Depends on if I can convince Whitney to go to Boone with me! ha.
Current Season (as of Last week): AUTUMN!!!
Current Fear: That this compie is going to die before I can get power to it! ha.
Current Finger Nail Color: Yellow ( well I was bored today so now it looks like i have yellow polish with a white french tip haha)
Current Thought that Makes My Heart Leap for Joy: That Samantha Crowder is going to be home next semester! Ahh!!
Current Weather : Was stormy and now is quite chilly!
Current Book of the Bible I am reading: Revelations ( and I dont really care if you think that is weird or anything like that because God tells us to KNOW the Bible...from Cover to Cover! No matter if that book is sad, depressing or uncomfortable by our own judgments...I mean why is Revelation so weird to people? it is talking of the coming of our Savior! Yes their might be sacrifice and struggles that are foretold in our future within but what is a suffering if we have Christ?)
Current Ache from Soccer Last Night: My back!
Current Homework that I have yet to finish: AP Environmental.
Current Number of Hours of Sleep I could get if I went to bed Right Now: 6 1/2 ha.
Current Fear that I am Overcoming: Singing in front of People
Current Project: Harmony (Ughh...some days i find it easy...others not so much! I need a formula... Doing this + this = Harmony)
Current Summer Moment I Miss the Most: Beaufort(all memories that come along with that)
Current Weekend I look forward to the Most: VA Film Festival
Current CD in My CD Player In My Room:
Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army
Current On-Going Research: Techie/Worship Conferences in NC this year
Current Memory Replaying in My Head that Is Making Me Giggle: Jess literally Kicking me off of the bed! ha.
Current Number of Espresso Shots Running Through Me: Three. hehe.

Current need: Sleep.

G'night Bloggy People,

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