Monday, November 9, 2009

Being Sick is Overrated!

Im sick. :(

Whitta and I got this virus in our throats. Dumb. Basically we have an infection in our throats that cause fevers and exhaustedness (that is now a new word in my vocabulary).

I wish I could sleep for two days straight! That would be awesome! But doesnt work out that way.

Here is my Schedule for Tomorrow:

1st Period: AP Environmental Test! Urga...I tried studying tonight but a fever kinda disables you.
2nd Period: Probably sleeping as much as possible.
3rd Period: Work...manual labor...stress.
4th Period: AP English is going to cause too much thinking! Im preparing for a headache tomorrow.

After School: Rehearsal till 8:30pm.

Therefore my day consists of being sick and putting in a full 14 hour day at school! Perfect.

And tonight I do not feel like doing any homework or any studying because I am exhausted and all I want to do is watch the latest episode of The Office to cheer me up! Thats it...Im doing it! No more schoolwork!

Prayers would be fantastic!

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