Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its over.

Im done with it!

Im done with running for that goal. Im done trying to please. Im done caring so much it affects my choices. Im done with feeling disappointed. Im done with trying. Im done with worrying about something I already have. Im done with watching myself fall away from my true desire.

Why did I care? Why was it so important?

But why did it have to take me getting angry to realize this? Why do I have to be frustrated and let down to come to this conclusion? Why was I so stubborn not to come to it easily. I dont want to be angry. But Im so done with it! I just dont want that anymore. I dont want to feel that trapped by constant worries anymore. Im done with letting other people down by my inability to let this go.
The End.

God give me the strength everyday to release my addiction to this goal,

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