Friday, October 2, 2009

Sicky Sickerton.

Today i woke up and i was sick!

I had the works....incredibly painful headache, sneezing every 2 minutes, my mind feeling all fuzzy, my nose...well it just had no air passage lets just put it that way, I was achy and I didnt want to go to school.

The problem: A huge test in 4th period!

So that meant cramming a massive amount of pills down my throat and trying to smile.

The day was rough. But it was a friday and now i can sleep all weekend! woo hoo.

So when i got home I slept from 3 to 6pm! It was great! But then i had to wake up enough to get ready and go to the football game! And at that I had to be peppy and cheerful because I just had to be. After the domination of the football game, my dad took us to Char Grill!

This milkshake...although not very good for my the perfect antidote for my downer mood!

Now i am going to bed and hopefully sleeping for at least 12 hours! Thats my goal!

Happy Dreams Everyone,

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