Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adventures of Truvy: The Drive-In

Tonight we went to the Drive-in Movie Theatre =]

My dad has had this little fuzzy(idea/dream/wish) of taking the family to see a drive-in movie at the one closest to us. Tonight that fuzzy was fulfilled. :)

Tonight my parentals, the Apt Gals, and I took a road trip, in Truvy and Stanley (those are Whitta and my Dad's cars hehe) 45 mins out of our normal domain. Drove up to our parking spot, got comfy in our seats, and changed the radio station to 90.3!

That was the movie that was playing on this fine night. It was actually a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it...but also it was the fact that we were in a DRIVE-IN!

I adore Drive-ins! They are the coolest things! There is that feeling of being a part of something antique, a part of American history.

Not to mention the experience of the Concessions Stand! ha. Now that is something everyone should have to experience!

But anywho, It was such a great night just spending those hours within the walls of Truvy with the girls! I love them, I really do.

Have a Lovely night Bloggy People,

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