Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"When Autumn leaves start to fall..."

Where I want to be! So badly!

So if you didnt know, this is a picture of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Autumn. Probably in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Roads in Autumn (in America)...or it should be! I declare it! There is just this awesome feeling of sailing through the parkway with the windows down(for only minutes at a time because it gets quite chilly) 'Autumn Music' playing and breathing in the crisp-est and cleanest air in the WHOLE world. hehe. I want to be there right now! I want to be driving to see Sambird or Nancy & Will! That would make me so happy! A road-trip!! Ahh...wow I need to plan one! Real soon!

But for tonight I will just have to dream about my adventures in Boone.

Tonight I have been especially motivated. I also plan to continue with this motivation!

Things I have Accomplished Tonight:
  • Organization of All my binders (a task that has been neglected since the start of school...scary!)
  • Most of a list needed for My Fair Lady Rehearsal on Thursday.
  • Planner...Color Coded with new events & Dated with Meetings with my teachers to keep up or boast my grades while being swamped with theatre for the next 2 months!
  • All homework complete.
  • Studying for PSAT tomorrow...check!
Things to finish Tomorrow:
  • Homework for...AP US History, Study Guide for AP Environmental, Secret for Post-Secret for Twentieth Century Classics.
  • My Fair Lady Rehearsal Reports...and other nic-nacs
  • Any make-up work that I have yet to turn in.

Looks like quite a few things to do tomorrow but, tomorrow is going to be a good day...I KNOW it! My day starts with the PSAT (bleh) but, then improves with a theatre performance during the school day which gets me out of a portion of 4th period! yay. In the rest of 4th period we will continue to discuss a book that I dont particularly like but I like discussing about it! Then we get out early cause its a Wednesday! I am so super excited! Not to mention...Church tomorrow night!!! Yipper Skipper!

I love Wednesdays!

But anywho...I plan on getting to bed by 9pm tonight so I better get going on that...

Praise be to God, for He is faithful and just!

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thyarahizukimashita said...

"I adore my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I shall live my life according to His plan for me!"

woww,, i love this part of ur profile.. :)

i adore HIM too.. yea, He's our Creator. He made everything beautifully.. just like the autumn pic up there :)

God bless u and me.. :)