Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Lord's Stephanie Drummond Planner

Why am I still up?!

This weekend was crazy cool! Almost every minute was spent with friends and doing fun things! From things such as Wakefield's (failure) Homecoming Game, Apt with unexpected friend (John, Will, and Sambird!!!)...on that note I think I should get to know Will better! He seems like such a solid dude but i feel like im getting caught up in his amazing wife, Nancy. I got to spend a bit of time hanging with him and the rest of the Ray Sibs this weekend and it was fantastic! Alright now back to the list of things I did this weekend ha...Breakfast with the Gals, Day with the Band(JessRayandTheRagTagArmy)/Bryboy/Sarah @ Christ Baptist's Missions Conference, The NC State Fair with Bryant and Sarah!!, Church( :]]), Paintball w/ School friends for a school project!!!(how cool is that! I got to go paint balling for a project!), Youth Group! Yepp a pretty busy weekend id say. I feel like I didnt sleep...probably cause i didnt ha.

Youth group was so good tonight. Most importantly the Back-Porch portion of Youth Group was great! Back-Porch is what our youth group calls "Small Groups." The girls/guys get together in a room after the service and just share whats on their hearts. Tonight the Junior High Girls were with us!

But anywho...tonight on the Back-Porch we had a time of sharing our sins. Now how many of you when reading that kinda cringed inside? Seriously! Well its natural...who wants everyone to know your faults. But I have to say, it is completely needed! I adore that I have a place where I can be completely honest and give these sins to the Lord. However hard it is to audibly speak sins to everyone, i needed it. It was exactly in the Lord's plan for my night. His perfect planning!

Walking within His perfect plan,

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