Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day One Report.

Why do I forget that I love school?

Right now I am sitting in my perfectly lit room, listening to Samantha Whitfield and thinking on what the year has in store for me.

The first day was great! I got to see all of my friends that i hadnt seen since the beginning of the summer!


AP Environmental:

Solid class. Teacher...nice but wouldnt like it if i got on her bad side...ooo scary! Its gunna be a lot of work. I am going to have to get prepared! We are talking color tabbing and highlighters.

Twentieth Century Classics!!!:

First off...coolest teacher ever! I get to read great books, watch cool movies, have impeccable class discussions on text, read outside...or anywhere on campus, joke with a teacher, have fun in a class i adore already and it has only been the first day! The End...great class....probably more about it throughout the year.

Technical Theatre III:

This year is going to be a bit different since we are being grouped with the theatre class...budget is really all we hear about no-a-days...BUT we are doing My Fair Lady for our musical this year! Along with 41 other performances throughout the year. Including one that will be touring around the county to different school theatres! Crazy year! But hey...its theatre...i love it right?

AP English III:

Parrish!!!! My teacher happens to be my old creative writing teacher!!! How awesome is that...I walked into her classroom today and this was our conversation!

Me: (as i walk in the door) "MRS. PARRISH!! Did you miss me?!?"

Mrs. Parrish: "Of course!"

Me: "Cause you KNOW I missed you!"

Mrs. Parrish: "as you should have."

It was a great moment in my day! haha. Again, a lot of work but its going to be okay.

Now lets talk about how this year works...cause there are definite changes!!

The budget is literally all were hear about from ALL of our teachers! We can't do a TON of things now because of it! But its alright cause we will get through it.

Schedule Changes...

Well lets start with lunch... a one hour lunch period!!! Yipper Skipper! I get one hour to go off campus and go home if id like, go out to eat with friends...do anything! Yes!!!

Then we have the Wed. Early Release. Every wednesday we get 1 hour off! So we now end the school day at 1:28pm on wednesdays!! How exciting!

The only change to every other day is that we stay an extra ten minute...not bad at all!

Oooo I almost forgot! We can now have Cell Phones, Ipods, etc... out on school campus inbetween classes and during lunch!!! yay! I am a happy camper.

This year isnt gunna be so bad as i thought, Thank you Almighty God!

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