Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Morning Joys.

This morning i awoke to the slight whines of puppies at the foot of my bed.

As I lifted my eyelids I found two sets of brown eyes and a set of wagging tails. A groaned pushed through the smile on my face. 6:24am was way too early for me. But duty called...or should i say Indie and Cinder. My movement from bed to floor caused the excited frenzy of licks and jumps...again way too early for such play. But cute morning puppy faces were perfect remedies for such a annoyance of time. So after a quick potty time I plopped back into my luscious bed for another hour of

The Alarm.

shleep-shtate was interrupted by a loud repetitive sound echoing from my small phone. I dont think my hand could have moved faster towards the STOP button. And then i laid there, trying to remember what sleeping felt like...the memory was just about as good as the real thing. Next step...shower time. The abnormally hot shower, along with my Morning Burst facial scrub awoke my mind enough to pick out a decent outfit for a day at the shop and apply my make-up in a smooth and proper manner., purse, and keys. These are no ordinary keys...these are the keys to the famous
Truvy The Rocket Taxi. They have special powers...if you didnt know. A quick goodbye to the mother and to the puppies and I was out the door to an awaiting Truvy. As Truvy and I took to the road our destination was Starbies it is. Ten minutes later I was holding two cups. One, Triple Grande White Mocha. Two, Triple Grande Vanilla Mocha. So with a good CD Mix in the player I was off to the apt to pick up the sis.

With our cups of smooth coffee in hand, Whit and I, drove the thirty minute distance to downtown Raleigh, where Stitch was awaiting unlocked doors.

Good Morning I'd agree?

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