Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goodbye My Summer, It Was Nice to See You!

Topics for today:
  • Jessie Ray's Birthday
  • Church
  • Goodbye Summer
  • Hello Junior Year
Topic 1: Jessie Ray.

Today is Jess Ray's birthday! Happy Birthday Jessie! Last night we stayed up until 12am tie dying t-shirts and watching movies. And just to let you know, I WAS the first to say happy birthday...compared to common belief. It was a most perfect night! I am so happy that was my last Saturday night of freedom! I love those girls. And I love Jess! Happy 21st Year of Existence Day!

Topic 2: Church.

Today in church...there was just something happening! The Holy Spirit was there; He was working in us. It was great to see my church come together as one to worship. Sometimes I feel like the church gets divided...well ours does. The two groups... The People That Like The Worship and The Ones That Dont. I mean, I am totally guilty of this. But it leads to people straying away from their purpose. Their purpose being, exalting the One that created them. Everyone gets caught up in..."Who chose this song?"..."Why are they leading?"..."I wouldn't have chosen that one!". But guys...Can we worry about that later? I mean if you dont feel the Spirit in that song...sit down and pray. Pray to Lord to bring The Spirit down to you. Pray that The Spirit would fill the church no matter the song, the person, the choice. Can we stop being arrogant and humble ourselves to the Lord? And I understand that the role of the worship leader is to lead us to The Spirit but can we stop...stop and praise....Because He is worthy of praise right? Do you believe that? Do you believe Jesus Christ, Lord on High, is better than the song, the person, the choice? Then matter if that is sitting down and bowing your head or singing along wholeheartedly! Stop standing around! Steph STOP STANDING AROUND! Body of Christ STOP STANDING AROUND!
...okay so that was my rant of the day.

Topic 3: Goodbye Summer.

This summer was filled with great memories. Beaufort being some of my favorites! From just waking up and walking out to the dock and watching as the sun as it crept along sky with some people i would call family in a heartbeat! A summer filled with a license, a job, a phone! Things are going to probably be changing next summer but i will always have these memories to hold onto!

Topic 4: Hello Junior Year.

So im a Junior guys! Whoa! I know! My junior year is going to be packed with...AP Classes, READING!, Theatre, YOUTH GROUP(i am so stoked about this new year! For a couple reasons!), friends, Tech for youth group!!!!!!!!!, Jess Ray and The Rag Tag Army, Lifted Events!...and Im sure so much more. Leaning on the shoulder of the Lord. He is how I am going to get through this. He is my strength and my stronghold. He is my fortress and refuge. He is my master and commander. He is my home and my father. He is my comfort and my hope. He is my breath and beat. He is laughter and my tears. He is fear and my respect. He is my freedom and redeemer. He is my feet and path. He is El. He is my God. He is the Creator. He is the Savior. He is Yahweh. He is Jehovah. He is the Almighty One. He is The One. He is I AM.

The evil one will try to tempt and scheme. My ears will not hear. My eyes will be blind. My mouth will be shut.

He says it's impossible... but I know it's possible
He says it's improbable... but I know it's tangible
He says it's not grab able... but I know it's have able
Cause anythings possible... Cause anything is possible

You are my peace of mind... That old me is left behind
You are my peace of mind... You're my peace of mind
He's my peace of mind... He's my peace of mind
He's my peace of mind... What a joy it is to be alive
To get another chance, yeah... Every day's another chance
To get it right this time... every day's another chance

Oh what a merciful... merciful, merciful God
Oh what a wonderful... wonderful wonderful God (continue to end)
What a merciful... merciful, merciful, merciful God
What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, merciful
Merciful, merciful, wonderful
Merciful, wonderful...

I was kinda rant-y on this post...but im okay with that.

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Katie Smith said...

i love you. :) so much.