Friday, August 7, 2009

Matt McGinn...My Fave Person of 2009

My experience of Coldplay.

Lets start at the beginning, shall we....

It was Wednesday afternoon. I was downstairs in the shop, at work. There was sort of a lull in the customer flow so I was doing to inventory type things. Then this guy walks in. Normal guy, well normal for downtown soo...use your imagination. But for the most point he was your average joe. Then he starts to buy a T-shirt and so i start to ring him up. At this point i realize he has a British accent. As I try to get his British credit card to work (which ultimately didnt) he hears that we have Coldplay playing in the shop (my pick because I wanted to get pumped up for their concert.) The rest of this story i am going to put in dialog form ( by the way his name is Matt but we didn't figure that out until later)

Matt: (in British accent) So do you like these guys?

Me: "Yes, yes i do! I am actually going to their show on thursday."

Matt: "So tomorrow?"

Me: "Oh yes sorry...its been a long day."

Matt: " Well, you will see me there. I am the guitar tech for Jonny Buckland.


Did he just say guitar TECH for Jonny Buckland, the Jonny Buckland? One of the best guitar players ever! Jonny Buckland from Coldplay? Well let me answer that for you...YES!!! At this point in our conversation my breathing starts to fail!


Me: "Really?!?"

Matt: "Yes. So do you have lawn tickets?"

Me: "Yeah."

Matt: "Would you like seat tickets?"

Me: (Breathing is no longer an option at this point) "Y-y-yes!! Could you do that?" ( "could you do that"...really Steph...he is Jonny Buckland's guitar tech...OF COURSE he can!)

Matt: "Yeah...just put your name here on this card and if there are available tickets then i can get you in, easy." (by the way...he is soo cool and calm...and then you look at me...Freaking out calmly.) "So are you going alone?"

Me: (stuttering)"N-n-no, im going with my friend Catherine." (At this point I have told Whit and Holly who is in our shop and Whit is helping to get his British card to work and sell him the Raleigh t-shirt)

Matt: (we have finished his purchase and now he is about to leave) Alright, Stephanie Drummond plus one. I'll call you before you close. When do you close?"

Me: (still stuttering) "S-six."

Matt: "Alright Stephanie, Ill talk to you later."

(exit Matt, Holly and Whit come over and look at me.)

Whit: "Do you need to sit down?"

Me: (Laughter)...I just met the guitar tech for Coldplay! He is getting me tickets...I need to sit down!

So after two phone calls to certain people that HAD to be informed...i waited. Then it came, the phone call.

Whit anwered:
Whit:"Hello...mmm Yeah, hold on." (hands the phone slowly to me as we smile at each other)

Me: "Hello, this is Stephanie"

Matt: "Hello Stephanie! Its Matt from earlier."

Me: "Oh, oh yeah." (listen to me...trying to sound all cool like I wasnt just waiting by the phone for his call! HA)

Matt:"You got a ticket, plus one!"

After that he went on a rant about how to get the tickets and what not! Then I got off the phone and again had to sit down! And then I called Cat!! this was our conversation...

Cat: "Hello."

Me: "Cat, we got the tickets!!!"

Cat: "OH MY GOSH!!...OHH MY GOSH!!!....OH MY GOSH.."

The "Oh my goshes" continued for the rest of the conversation!

Alright now speed up a day...

Setting: At the front gate of the Walnut Creek Amphitheater, walking towards Will Call.

So as I walk up to Will Call there is a separate window for The Band Tickets. So I, as calmly as possible, walk up to the window and give the great man my ID. The next account is our conversation.

The Man: "Alright so did you buy your tickets with .... (I dont remember what he said there) or are you with the band?"

Me: "The band." (in my freaking out)

The Man: "Okay so which band, cause you know we have three tonight?"

Me: "Coldplay." (Still trying to be calm...but again inside I am freaking out)

The Man: "Great, here is your tickets...enjoy." (HAHA like we wont enjoy our show! HA)

So as we walk away to get our tickets scanned Catherine and I look down at our tickets and they say on the top right corner... Artist Comp $0.00 !!! I got comped by the artist! hahahaha oh my gosh! haha

Next we got into the theatre and continue down the lawn to see our friends and get the ones we came with down to where they were on the lawn...which by the way Kellie and Micah did a fantastic job to get them all the way in the front!

After saying our hellos Catherine and I went to go check out our seats...So we go up to the seats and then look down again at our tickets...Section 1!!!! So we walk all the way around to the other separate entrance for the Section 1 ticket holders (thats us!!). So we go find out that our tickets are Section the rightish...about 9 rows back! ahhh!!

Now when we were down there we saw that the tech crew was setting up for Coldplay...and there was Matt!!! So Catherine and I, for the next id say 5 minutes, called "MATT!!!", we even got some other people to do it with us! haha. Then he saw us!! We waved...I lipped "Thank You!" ...He waved, smiled, and continued tuning Jonny Buckland's guitar!!! hahaha.

The show begins...and that is another story...let me just say it was probably the most unbelievable concert I have ever been to and will ever go to! It was insanely perfect!

My Story of The Viva La Vida Tour,


Katie Smith said...

my favorite part of this story is when you say "I'm with the band" and the man says "which band?" and you say "coldplay"

that is unreal. <3

Sandra Anastasia said...

Wow! I didn't know this story behind your tickets (which I had heard about) until I was stalking your blog tonight. I was literally laughing out loud and re-living your freak-out moment. That's incredibly amazing! What a great great GREAT concert!!

<3 Sandy