Monday, August 3, 2009

Redeemed to be in His Holy Presence

I dont want to write anymore.
...anymore about things that are unimportant. haha. Sorry I just needed to scare you a bit.
But I dont want this to be a joking blog. I want this to be truth. I want my words to be truth. And by truth I mean I want the great and powerful, almighty and all-knowing Lord to come and speak through my unclean and wretchedly dirty lips.
I am listening to a new Hillsong song called We The Redeemed.
Just think about the word "Redeemed." To be redeemed from something. Cleared by payment. To discharge in FULL. To restore freedom to those restrained by paying a ransom. to be Rescued. To set free.

We have been cleared by payment. We have been discharged in full. We have been restored to freedom from our bondage of our sinful nature. We have been Rescued. We have been set free!
I cant seem to grasp it even as i write about it and listen to it in the words of this song! God, the almighty one, the creator of all, the impeccable Perfection, the reigning King, the gracious Savior, the faithful One...He redeemed us! He set us free from our imperfect human natures. An eternity of forgiveness for the ultimate sacrifice of His Son the glorious Christ Jesus!
Think about John 3:16 with me for a second!
John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall never parish and have everlasting life."
And I know we have heard this verse so many times and can recite it in our sleep. It is even written on the bottom of a Forever 21 shopping bag (its true...if you ever buy something from there check it out next time). But this time, look at it again. And I mean really look at it. Let's look at is little by little together...
"For God so loved the world..." His love is endless and incomparable! Read Ephesians! It is packed full of God's unfathomable love for His creation!
"that He gave..." He GAVE!! He provides for us everyday but at this particular moment He GAVE His son! He gave Jesus as a sacrifice! A SACRIFICE! FOR YOU AND I!!! How are we worthy of that!?!?!? We arent...let me tell you, I am definitely not! But He is an awesome God, an awesome Creator!
"His one and only Son..." Guys...did you just read what I read?!?!?! His one and ONLY Son! This isnt just a verse guys!! Your God just gave His one and ONLY Son and then we go around thinking that we are so high and mighty! We think we can survive on our own cause we were forgiven so now we can live out a life that suits us! WHAT?!?!?! How in the world does that make sense?!?! IT DOESNT! We were bought by our God's Son's precious blood! A sacrifice that binds us to God. We are His and He deserves all of our praise!
"so whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life." Our first reaction to this line most of the time, or at least mine, is that we hear the phrase "everlasting life" and our ears perk up. "Oo everlasting life sounds cool. I want to be immortal." But seriously, you are going to have an everlasting life its just the matter of if you choose to sit at the foot of the Lord and praise and worship Him for the rest of your days [WHOA AHH HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND?!?!] or if you decide to live in a pit of torture and despair and being separated by the One who You are made for?
He gave us the chance to be with Him because that is what He wants. He wants His creation to be with Him! He calls out to us, by name, every day. So...Stephanie, Sarah, Katie, Quinn, Nancy, Sam, Catherine, Whitney...Are you going to be listening? You are redeemed by God. You are His Chosen. As a chosen child...what are you going to do about it? Live your days like the world or live your days as a creation made in the likeness of God?
"This is the sound of the redeemed rising up to praise the king!"
"We the redeemed, hear us singing, You are holy. You are holy!"

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