Friday, October 10, 2008

Looking for my moment

My mind is zooming at 300000 miles an hour and i just want it to stop. Only for a moment just so Christ can consume me. At that moment when nothing else is entering my delicate mind and it is just myself and the one i call my true Heavenly Father...its like the feeling of the first day of Fall. So comforting, so new, so familiar, so happy, so home, so pure, so safe, so lovely. Just to read those words that i have just typed so gently makes me desire Him even more. His presence in my life "makes my life." A friend and I were talking tonight about that phrase..."this makes my life" i mean everything makes up a part of your life but in all seriousness Christ makes up my entire being, who I am now was formed by giving my life up for His name. I was changed from that peppy pre-teen that wanted to please and to be accepted by others to a girl whose only purpose is to bring her Lord glory. I don't care about what people think of me or my style and i don't feel the need to please anyone but Christ my Savior. I want people to know that what i am comes from Him and Him only. Praise be to The Almighty One for He is worthy.

Moment found,


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