Monday, October 27, 2008

A Vessel Owned By Him Alone

How do I speak so that you will understand? How do i act that will let you see the truth? How can I encourage this in you? How do i begin? How do I explain so that you will listen? How can I look into your eyes and let you see my joy? How do I scream this love without scaring you away? How do I teach without insulting? How do I lead when i am still being led? How can I repeat those words that I am slowly learning myself? How can my lips and my little voice convey the mercy and sacrifice?  How can I... little me share the works of Christ? I speak with my lips through His spirit. I act only in a way that would please His heart. I  encourage by His works in my life. I begin and end with Him. I explain the truth and nothing but the truth. I live everyday with the joy of His gracious love and Holy Spirit in the fiber of my being. I will scream His love to the world no matter the cost to me. I will teach His words and His truth only. He will lead me to the words and actions to lead others. He will grant me the exact words to say at the exact moment needed. With His whispers I shall scream His story. 

I have nothing...I am nothing but a vessel for His plans and His mercy and His forgiveness and His love and His glory and His righteousness, I am only His. 

being nothing but that vessel,

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Katie Smith said...

this is beautiful, Steph! I love youu