Saturday, October 25, 2008

Smiley Night

Last night was awesome! I had so much fun....

8 friends, 1 mom, 1 million things to look at, 1 something, food...lots and lots of food/fair food, fountain meetings, reactions of the disgusting, a case yet to be solved, "get silly, get silly", a mountain of fries, rain, familiar faces, the stage/the lights/the crew....all i want to be right there, Leeland, awesome amazingness that shouldn't have ended so soon, Skillet, Wow, not really a fan but now after that...yes awesome, amazement, comparing hands, smiles, ending with a great song, HOT!!, cold outside, peeling "it" off, lookin out for the little bro, rides rides and more rides, The Vortex= NOOO......okay yes. Nerbous!, the cutest I love you, Are you okay?, Awesome ride!, shaking legs, death that sounds worse than it actually is, search for more food, feet hurting, piggy back rides, goodbyes, Sheets run, home, goodbyes again, sleep, dreams of the night...

what a great night,


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