Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nothing but Smile

Ahh. Oh what a lovely feeling it is to relax and look back upon my week. I have been running full speed from Monday morning at 7am to this very night at 9:26pm. At that exact time [ i checked] i walked out of those glass doors and exited my school into a cool night breeze with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a script in the other. As i did this a smile appeared on my face because i got through it and it was fun and it was tough and it was a great opportunity and it was interesting and it was an experience and it was over...well at least for the next couple of weeks. And tomorrow i get to see faces that i have missed so dearly this past week. So I am going to listen to some music [ cause that makes any moment better ] eat some food and then fall asleep and soon see those faces.

with a face that can do nothing but smile, Thanks to God for this amazing week...


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