Friday, October 24, 2008

This Place

So what to write....what to write?I could write about the boo boo on my arm but I've done enough talking about that. I could write about how it is so cold out and i love it but that's so typical bloggy. I could write about how it is Friday and i am happy that weekend has come but i would just be repeating myself from other of my posts.

I just want to write, thats why i started this. I want to write my thoughts out so i can look back upon them later. I love writing and im decent at it...not great but i can write pretty well. When i go without writing for a fingers ache to type and my mind races with thoughts to be recorded. I dont care if people read this or not cause its just my place...scary but, my mind out loud. I say what i feel and what i think and my emotions and its amazing to write without thinking just typing as if your fingers have a mind of their own and to just go and write everything. i love it.

Oh what a joy it is to blog,


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