Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where did the time go?

You know time is so simple but so complex at the same time. There is endless amounts of time but also there is so few "times" where you actually feel like you have that much of it. Even after you die there is still eternity...which is beyond my grasp of thought. Eternity...seriously there is nothing about that word that i can comprehend. This time we spend here on earth is like an instant compared to eternity...whoa that's crazy! Just the time in the day to me seems so short and there is never enough of it. Everyday rushing to get my homework done or this chore finished or this task complete. I want to talk to this i actually really need to talk to this person...but i seem to be always rushing to the next thing and i don't have time for that talk or that hug. There is no time to get in a smile some days and i love to smile, truly smile at something or someone i really love. And when it gets to the point where "i think" i don't have time to spend with God that's when i fail. I fail at everything and i break down and i realize how much i need Him in my life. Time is a beautifully intricate and simple thing. But one thing is for certain...I have time for Him, i have time for Christ. And after that He will fill my time with what i truly need, what i need to fulfill His plan for my life. If that doesn't include the things i want, then i am okay with that cause He is my desire more than those things i simply want to fill my time.

Finally not resisting Christ inking in my planner,


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