Friday, April 24, 2009

A Break for the Restless

I love breaks!

Today I got a break from the hustle and bustle of the theatre business. I to go home after school today. I entered my house in daylight hours! I havent seen my house in the daylight in over a week! 

It is such a beautiful day too! It is a lovely 88 degrees outside and there is a slight i cant get over it! I am sitting in my basement with the windows open and music blaring with a macbook on my lap! I love it! 

Tonight is our second performance of the four we are showing. We had a good night tonight and as our director said "Yall were FABULOUS! One step away from Fierce!" So I think by Saturday we will have become "Fierce!" 

But I do miss everyone. I miss my cell group girls...when was the last time i missed two in a row? I miss the apt. I miss Whitney... i have barely even gotten to talk to her in the last week! I miss Catherine and Jess because usually we dont even go four days without seeing each other. I miss Indie...i havent seen that pup since last Sunday for only about two hours or so! I miss getting my homework done. I miss sleep!

Well, three more performances and one strike and then I am free! Ahh,

ps Anyone want to go to the beach next weekend? Because I do! 

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