Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who are they?

Tonight I sit on my bed, drinking coke, and eating Salt & Vinegar chips [not my favorite but ill eat them] I sit here trying to finish my homework but is being completely distracted by a computer's lovely features. I am thinking to myself...how many other teens are sitting in there rooms at this exact time trying to do their homework? I am looking around my room to find many pictures of the past memories that have made me such a blessed person, i find shoes thrown about the room by this morning's decision of flats or converses[chucks, all stars, connies...etc], i see look at my desk to find college letters that have been continuously piling up, i see my antique suitcase filled with notebooks of the past and with that comes with the writings and diary entrees from a 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th grader, I see empty coke cans that have accumulated throughout the week, my eyes meet with my records of West Side Story and The Best of James Taylor...not to mention She & Him and Sound of Music, I wander over to my dogtags which shows how many theatre productions I have been involved in, I glance over at my bedside table to see my bible lit with the light of my lamp... how many teens are seeing some of the exact same things as they look around at there room at 9:43pm. I want to know about them...what are they doing? Who are they? What is going on in their lives? I want to care about them! Why not? Why not care about the teens? The society of people who are "in the middle"...not a little kid anymore but not an adult either. I mean I am one of them but i still want to care about the others. The ones I pass in the halls of high school or the ones i see when i drive down the road. Christ sees...why dont we? Look...there are people around you that you might see everyday but you have no idea who they are...find out. Why not? What's the worst that could happen? Tomorrow I'll see, tomorrow I'll ask! Join me...find out who they are! 

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