Thursday, April 9, 2009

Writings from the Past

Okay so when I was in 7th grade I started a book. Last year I thought i had lost the entire typed version. But just tonight I found it hidden in files within files. So I thought I would share the Prologue of sorts.

"Riding off into the vastness of the Montana mountains, feeling the wind blow across her wet visage. Her mare could sense her agony with every stride as they glided through the mountainous terrain. All she wanted to do was take back that day, everything she had done and said. No one ever knows how you are going to react to tragedy or hard times. In a split second everything in you life can change and you can only take it moment by moment. In this exact moment Amy realized that she had to choose. Even if that choice would mean giving up something or someone she loved. Let me go back a few months and tell you what has occurred that lead up to this painful episode."

So it's rough around the edges I know...I'm definitely not saying its the best thing i have written! But it's my book and since i wrote it throughout my 7th and 8th grade years i am pretty proud of it. It was fun and thats the only reason i wrote it.
Now this next piece is something that I wrote for my mom on her birthday:

"A mother has many remarkable qualities that God has bestowed to her. She is strong in difficult situations. She is devoted to her kids and never ever gives up on them. Her love never ages, even if her body shows the signs. When you gaze into her eyes you can see the immense wisdom that swims within her. A single hug can obliterate any grief or fright inside of you. When she sings to you, even if off key or unusual, it soothes every muscle of your body and makes you feel like you are the only one in the world that has someone that loves you to infinity and beyond. And she has a smile that can stop time itself and make the world seem a little brighter. Not only can she be a mother to her own flesh and blood but also to the ones that stagger into her life ever so gently and loves them just the same. A mother is a friend on good days and an enemy on bad days but never ceases to bring you back into her tender embrace."

And this piece was something I wrote to give a picture to what my mother said happened when she had her aneurysm and felt as if she really was going to her place with Him.

"The feeling of a peace around your body as you glide within a place of nor light or darkness. Knowing that someone is there but cant seem to distinguish them from the wonder of the silence that engulfs you. A state of dreaming and reality all the same. The rush of contentment and bliss that surrounds every fighting feeling inside of you. Fear is absent but faith is there beside you. The gloom of the world is being released with every exhale of your lungs. “I'm here, take me home .” That simple phrase is lifted up from your frail mind towards God. As the sounds of life slowly reach your ears again, you find that His plan for you is not over and soon are you to return consciousness to find the family that loves you gathered near. "

Oh man...the past is well past-y,

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Quinn said...

you're a great writer...even in 7th grade! write a book! :)