Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh So Thats Why I Love Theatre!

Tonight was soooo great! I dont think you can even understand unless you were a part of the cast or crew of this show! It was simply amazing! All of our cues were perfect, the set chances were quite amazing if i do say so myself, the energy was high, and it was just great! Ahh i wish that i could have the feeling I had when that curtain closed all the time! We rocked it and it was fantastic and I am so proud of everyone involved! Oh man I need to calm myself and get some of that much needed rest!

But that can wait...afterward was awesome too! My friend came and saw the show, which was great because I actually got to hang out with him after! Actually it was 5 of us and we stood/sat out in the parking lot of my school and just talked for 2 hours. Those moments are some of the best in my personal opinion! Just friends and an endless night!

Tonight was fantastic! And as our director said... "tonight was FIERCE!" haha.
Happy Stephie!

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