Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Writing a Letter of Urgency


Hello old friend. I've been thinking about you for the past few weeks. I want to see you so badly! I was thinking of all the memories that you held last year and it just made me smile. I remember waking up to mornings at the condo at the beach. Oh how i loved those days...waking to the sound of mom and dad cooking a big breakfast, knowing that the entire day was going to be devoted to browning my skin, having as much fun as possible, and making the days endless. I remember sitting in the back lawn of Jessie's beach house watching Finding Neverland with some of the best girls in the world. I remember staying up till the wee hours of the night with the worlds best friends at my house. I remember one morning when Whit, Cat and I were waking up from one of those nights and Jess walked in through the door expecting us to be asleep so that she could wake us up. But because we were awake she couldn't but then we made her go back outside and then we all pretended to be asleep so she could come and jump on us. I remember when i spent an entire weekend with Jess at her house. I remember seeing Heather for the first time since her return at Will and Nancy's wedding. I remember Will and Nancy's wedding and having a blast. I remember hugging Jess so hard that night because we both knew i wasnt going to see her for a while because she was going to Kosova for 2 weeks. I remember the Jess Videos. I remember the Vandalism of Jo. I remember staining chairs with Jess for an entire weekend. I remember when they moved in together. Oh summer i dearly wish you would hurry up and get here! 



Anonymous said...

i want to watch those jess videos again!

Anonymous said...

oh and im cat... not anonymous.