Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Day.

List of a busy Saturday:

  • Woke up in my bedroom on a saturday...havent done that in a while.
  • Worked on my massive amounts of homework at 8:00am!
  • Walked out my door to an amazingly beautiful day that i would miss because i would be inside all day.
  • Arrived at the theatre to be instantly whisked into props, set pieces, and lights [i love lights!]
  • But then I soon turned my Stage Managing duties over to Lexi my Co-Stage Manager and then became a full on lighting intern!
  • I along with a good friend Josh worked with a lighting designer we hired for our show that has done lighting design on The Little Mermaid! ahh! It was fantastic!
  • Ran around and climbed up to high places in dangerous positions to hang lights and focus them.
  • Got multiple compliments from Craig and Mr. Orsett! Which is like huge because Craig is like really good at what he does and to get a compliment from him is just fantastic and then to get a compliment from Orsett is amazing because he is our director and he does not give compliments! Ahh!
  • Stayed an hour later than planned because the lighting wasnt done and i wanted to learn more from Mr. Craig Stelzenmuller...or just Craig.
  • Found that converses, yet cool and techie-like, arent the best for standing for 7 hours!
  • Got home at like 6:15ish, threw off the shoes, and landed on my couch!
  • Now I am attempting to do some of my other homework...ahaha me + a computer= one distracted stephie!
Overall a good day even though I was at school on a Saturday.

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