Thursday, April 23, 2009

Opening Night Jitters

Tonight at 6:32 the house opened.
Tonight at 6:32 I got nervous.
Tonight at 7:05 people were still filing in.
Tonight at 7:08 "5 mins till places" was called throughout the studio.
Tonight at 7:18 the show began.
Tonight we messed up a scene but no one noticed
Tonight we made "Air Havana" perfect.
Tonight I got hit by a huge staircase as we curled our way around the stage...the show must go on
Tonight we turned "Havana Bedroom" into "The Tropicana" in one motion and no one noticed that we messed up!
Tonight we wore black and had masks.
Tonight we walked onto stage and bowed.
Tonight we squealed when the curtain closed.
Tonight we had our Opening Night
Tonight was "the first of many firsts"

Tonight was great!

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