Monday, April 20, 2009

My Porch Nights.

As of right now I am sitting out on my back porch. The upper half of my house is quiet and nothing stirs. The Lower half...well thats a different story involving brothers. Tonight it is cool outside, not too chilly just about right, enough that i can sit outside in sweatpants and a t-shirt and relish the quietness of this Spring and starry night. I sit here eating a steaming hot chicken pot pie, you know one of the do it yourselves type of things where you just place it in the microwave for 10 mins. And to cool off my burning palate i have a Mountain Dew...not my drink of choice but it will give me just enough energy to last the next few hours of homework I have ahead of me. The only sounds I hear are the sounds of the happy crickets singing their happy tunes in harmony to Samantha Whitfield's voice that pours from my speakers right now. There is only one reason i sit here tonight and that is to get away. To get away from the tremendous amounts of obligations i have to fulfill throughout the next 5 days of my life. To get away from time itself because it is stealing away my rest and grade point average. I sit here in this black iron chair and close my eyes and dream that Sam is sitting right next to me and it is a summer night and she it is just her and her guitar and she is singing to me and to the night. This is one of my favorite things to do, ever! I just sit outside and gaze upon the wonder that God has put within the fabric of my life and the lives around me. I listen to the most beautiful voices fill the silent night air and let the music literally take me to a place where only God and I are allowed, it's our special meeting place. We sit together and i pour out my heart and I worship Him. Some people might not understand but, music brings us together. I love it. It takes everything away and just brings me back to the basics...Christ.

Today was a rough one, I'll admit to that. Classes were, well, they were Monday classes. Tech started as soon as the final bell rung at 2:18pm. I looked the part of a techie...skinnny jeans, a big t-shirt [ that said ambassadors for Christ, which isnt the usual techie appearal But if they see Christ just through my shirt than I am for sure going to wear it], converses, hair pulled back into a pony tail with a headset attached to the top, cords that wrapped from the headset to the channel box that clipped to my side and ran through some of my belt loops so that I had room to move without tripping over cords, I had a set plot in my hand and a stressed browline. I was the stage manager with only 6 running crew positions filled and 6 more needed. About 4 people on a one channel headset all saying five different things and a cast that wouldnt shut up and do what they are told. A stage that was getting spiked and lights that were getting their respective cues. Getting yelled at by directors but not being able to fight back because it is "disrespectful" but oh how i wanted to tell them that they were wrong or just to defend myself or my crew. Then not being able to eat because there was no dinner break and I didnt have time to spend eating. Then staying after about an hour later because things needed to be done. It took 4 hours to run through Act 1 today...our show goes up in two days.

And this is why I am outside tonight...i need time.

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