Saturday, April 4, 2009

Expose Your Plan

I dont know what God is trying to tell me!?!?

I am sitting in a dark apartment, alone, at midnight listening to the lines of this song running and running over and over again.

"Oh how He loves us!
Oh how He loves us!
Oh how He loves us!
Oh how He loves!"

There are wounds that I thought were finally starting to scar over. Now I see that they have once again been opened and it hurts.

God it is hurting me; your daughter is in pain. Tell me how to use this pain to serve you! You are the only reason I can press on with this ache inside my heart. Lord reveal!

Christ Jesus, you have saved! Jesus Christ you have lived! Jesus Christ YOU LIVE! Jesus tell me how to spread that love, mercy, and sacrifice! Christ I need to serve! Jesus I want to serve! Christ they need to know, the world needs to know!


Almighty Father I am on my knees...come and reveal Your will.

Oh how He loves us,

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