Thursday, July 23, 2009

Responsibilities of a Sixteenth Year Old Heart.

Last year on my sixteenth birthday I got a card. In this card was a note from someone very special to me. Her name is Catherine Elizabeth Walker. This note started out with a little birthday poem. A silly poem written by the Dr. Cat Seuss herself. And then comes the good stuff. The stuff i could read over and over again just because i know that Catherine wrote it. But there was one thing that always stuck out to me. It was one sentence that stuck with me throughout the next 7 months.

" You're 16, which means more is going to be expected of you... :) "

I didn't know what she meant. I was very confused for a long time. But I think I just realized what she was talking about.

The last three weeks, or all of July, has been a whirlwind of new and "older people" things. It all started with my License. You know the "right of passage" of a 16 year old, whatever that means. Five days after that, I got a cell phone. Yet another acceptance technique for all teens...whatever. I just wanted to be able to communicate with my friends at any point in the day without having to ask someone else. Next...I got a job! Seriously! Stephanie Lauren Drummond got a job!

Skip to a week later...

I get my first pay check...which was quite nice i might add. Therefore I needed a bank account. So I went to the bank and set up my checking and savings account. So just think about it for a my purse there are the following new items: Keys to all the various cars that the Drummond household owns joined with a key to the house and the apt, a plastic card that states i can drive aka a drivers license, a cell phone, and now a plastic card that allows money to flow from me to whatever I plan on buying with MY money! This is insane.

But I'm not done...

Today I got a text from my co-worker aka my sister. This text contained words that, formed together, made a question that asked if I wanted more days of work...or in my head...more time with the sis, Holly Aiken, Rey Rey, and more money to save for various expenses that are coming up! My answer...yes. So now I will be working 4 days a week for 8 hours a day...downtown, with my sister, and at Stitch!!! Seriously, is there a better first job for a 16 year old! ANDD... I will also be working on Saturdays throughout the school year! I am sooo excited!

But you know what...this still isnt what Catherine was talking about. Yes, all of these things are giving me more responsibility and tasks but that wasn't what she meant.

This next year I will be a Junior in High School. With that I will have a ton of school and theatre responsibilities, that at this moment i wont go into...mostly cause i don't want to think about them. And they have no meaning to what I am about to go into.

Being a Junior I am going to have curtain responsibilities pertaining to the Lord. Not like i don't have them every other year of my life. But I remember when I was a youngster coming into youth group. I remember looking up to those "juniors."... Katie, Anna, and John. I know how important it is that I am a good leader for them. I need to show them Christ in my actions. It might be the first time they get to see Christ in a them, but different. I want to show Christ to them! I want to lead them into the light.

So that might just be the tiniest bit of what Catherine meant but i cant wait to find out all the other things that are going to happen in the next 5 months of my 16 year old life.

Oh and I almost forgot to add the last part of what Catherine said after that sentence...

"But, I know and trust that you will not disappoint."

Thank you Catherine for an encouragement,

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Katie Smith said...

awwww I love you stephie. I just do. and I hope I didn't ruin your perception of what it means to live a life for Christ.