Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Good Days Work

Im am at work.
So it is about 6:02pm on Thursday July 30, 2009. The shop is officially closed. Whether people realize this and do not come in is another subject.
Report of the Day:
We had a decent day of sales. A good flow of customers throughout the day. Including my favorite breeds. Children and men looking for presents for their significant other. Children are always fun! They like to talk to you and find out what you are doing. They always have something interesting to say or never gets boring. And then there is my other favorite breed. The men always come in and have this one look on their faces! Its a look that says "I am in uncharted teritory and I have no clue what i am doing. HELP ME!" You can basically always detect it and it is fun! and when you ask them if you can help and breath of relief flows out of them! haha. Its pretty comical. But other than the customers I got most of my To Do Today List done. I have a couple of things to finish up tomorrow but they are little projects.
But now it is time to go and whitney is standing over me with this look that say.. Alright lets go! haha so I must leave you but i will write again soon.
The Quote of the Day:
Little Girl: " I'm interested in eating a cockroach."
Me: "Why?"
Little Girl: "Cause they taste fleshy!"
hahaha. I thought yall would enjoy that!

the worker,

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Sarah.E.Faucette said...

Haha! Little girls being interested in eating cockroaches cause they taste 'fleshy' is not something I can say I have experienced at work... And I work at a day care!
Oh the joys of the working wold! :) I need to stop by the shop sometime and pick up that ring and maybe a Remember Nhu bracelet if they're still in stock! And thanks for being part of my inspiration to begin Bloggin!