Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good night for Music

This is a picture of my new place of work!

My Daddy is practicing.

I am sitting in my living room, it is dark. The only lights that pours in are the lights from the summer setting sun and the illuminating light from this computer screen. But my Daddy is pacing back and forth with the music blaring from the iHome and even louder his voice is thundering within the walls of the house tonight. He is practicing for this Sunday's worship service.

You see, if you dont know my family or my dad, my dad has a pretty impeccable voice! It is powerful and has a insanely incredible range. Which is exactly what I need right now because there are just a few things right now. Those being: I was supposed to get my license today but my grandmother came up for a surprise visit, tomorrow is looking unlikely because my mom has some dinner to get ready for...ugh...and I'm home. Which, pretty much, I would rather be at the apt...all the time.

BUT...I HAVE A JOB! My sister works at this purse designer Holly Aiken Bags! And now I got offered a part time job there also!! I get to work WITH my sister AT a bag designer! Its so awesome!!! Im so excited! I get money and i get to spend time with my sister! Yes! I like this idea!

Good week,

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