Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Sister Type Bond.

Today I watched something amazing.

Today I watched as two best friends clung onto the last few moments they had together. Even though really they have days, every moment is crucial. I had the privilege to watch as they did something that is very special to both of them; they made music together. They sat on the piano bench and just sang. They played songs that they had played for years. Songs that meant so much to each of them. Songs they had sung together since they were teenagers.

But this time there were tears. This time they had flashbacks to when they were teenagers and they were just learning to sing. The realizations that they had voices. The laughter filled nights that lead to the learning of that particular song. The Minki Moments.

I sat there and my mind went to the sisterly love they shared. I thought of all the moments i have seen them together. The different kind of laughter they share for only each other. The personalities that come out only when they are together. The voices that mesh together, just oh so perfectly. The tales of their teenhood days. I sat and wanted to cry with them. A friendship was being broken by 5 1/2 of land.

The rest of the day I thought mainly about that moment. That moment, that bond, between the best friends. As I thought and as I pondered on what the future was going to contain, I realized something.

People always say that a friendship bond cannot be broken by land or sea. Plainly, sometimes that is not true. Take it from someone who has moved. BUT, and this is a huge but, this friendship is different. This friendship is a sisterhood. And I hate how The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has now cushioned the word Sisterhood. Because a sisterhood is literally a bond that, no matter what, can never be broken. And its kind of cheesy but it is legitimately how I see their relationship. They are no longer just friends, they became sisters a long time ago. I have watched them very closely, however creepy that sounds...its just the way I am...I am observant. But they are truly something special.

And as I read back over what i have written, I hate how commercial i sound. I sound like everyone else who tries to comfort a separation of friends. The same old lines " Yall are different." "Your bond REALLY can't be broken." I mean look at any going away card in Hallmark and you will see the same lines over and over again. I completely don't like that I cant think of anything more original. And personally when things change I absolutely HATE when people say, "Everything is going to be okay." I know that when they say that my thoughts are as follows: "Could yall just be quite because yall dont know what its gunna be like! What if its not okay? What if things change for the worst and not for the better?" But you know what I have learned from all of that...all I can do is trust God.

But anyway all I say is true. All I wrote is my feelings towards the matter. Which is assuming of me to think that I should even have feelings on the situation. But I love them both and I dont like to see them hurting.

So I hope that even for a moment I gave some comfort.

Jessie: I love you my darling. This post could have been a horrid thing for me to do or a great one...I am still undecided at the moment. Maybe you could help me with that...blink once if you didnt like this and blink twice if you did like it. Well on second thought, I wont see you when you do that sooo...bad idea. hehe. But the next time i see you, which will probably be at the wedding and you will be all pretty, I am going to give you a big hug. Just to give you a reference...Think hug after my baptism cause thats what im going for. love you.

Sorry to all Minkis and Apt Gals if I cropped you out of a picture.


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