Monday, July 13, 2009

Kate McRae - Bring the Body Together!

Okay so there is this little girl, a brave little girl. Her name is Kate McRae. This little blond haired, blue eyed beauty has just recently discovered that she has a tumor on her tiny little brain. One of my sister's best friends is this little girls aunt. This situation is wearing on the hearts of this family. They are both physically and mentally tired. And all they ask for is prayer.

Everyone, we have a chance to pray together has the body of Christ. Whether you know this little girl named Kate or not. Whether you live in the west, east, south, north. We are the body of Christ. Let us come together to cry out to the Lord for miracle healing for this little girl and for strength for the family. Raise them up to God.

We have to come to God with a strong heart. Knowing that He can save, because He can. But it is up to Him to save. We must pray with firmness of heart.

Shelly Moore just posted this little girl's story on her blog this morning. I have decided to try to get it out to as many people as possible. So is guess i am trying to start a Blog Prayer Chain. So please if you read this, post her story on your blog. Keep it going. Inform the body of Christ. And also let this be a light to non-believers. Show them the firmness of our faith.

These are a few update videos that the family of Kate have posted on Youtube...also go to this link HERE for more information and consistent updates from the family.

Pray for Kate McRae

Pray for Kate McRae - Update Part II

This last video is a video of a song written by an artist out of Nashville for Kate.

Kate McRae - Little Light

Also the Video Bar on my page will now be holding all Kate Update videos.

Please Pray with me and the rest of the body,

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