Saturday, July 11, 2009

Words from a Licensed Driver

I got my license!

So tonight was my first time alone in a car...driving down the road! Whoa! I know!

I am was awesome!

Literally, I drove down Falls [a well known road where i live] and I had the windows rolled down and the sunroof open and the music was a full blast! It was fantastic! Then I drove and picked up my friend from her house and we went to our favorite fast food resturant...Zaxby's!! It was great! We just ate and just talked...just the two of us!

So when we got back into the car i noticed that I got a call from a friend! The voicemail went like this: "You got your license!!! Which means your life has changed FOREVER!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!...Im so excited for you!!!" I love her! That was perfect!

Then we headed to Starbies [starbucks] and met my brother there! Free Coffee...its the way to go!

Finally i had to take Hannah home and so I dropped her off at her house. and then headed for The Apt. As i drove there, I got a call from my sister! "Where are you?...Wait you are talking on the phone and driving!! Hang up! Now!" haha! So i got to The Apt and hung out there for a while and then the worst part of the whole night...9pm curfew instated by the state of NC for the first 6 months of my driving! But thats okay because it let me drive again...even if it did mean i had to leave the apt! But i'll see them later...probably tomorrow. haha.

So...perfect first driving-on-my-own experience! yay!

a licensed driver,

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