Sunday, July 26, 2009

And Now Back to the Future.

I am lying on the floor of the apartment.
I have been thinking a lot about the future lately. I blame the apt. They have all been talking about the future a lot in the past few weeks.
But what happens when i go to college? What happens when i leave this place? This place that i love so much. This place where painted birds and laughter surround my every move. A place were a guitar or a piano is a common sound that flows through my ears. This place were sitting on a red couch with a puppy in your lap is an every day occurrence. The place where the three most important girls in my life occupy its area. My sisters.
Its a sad thought i know. But really the probability of just Jess making it to my senior year or graduation without leaving is pretty slim. My bet is she leaves next summer. Not at all saying that I want it!! Good gosh, i think ill cry for a week! and I am so not joking about that at all! It might be longer.
Catherine...really I am clueless to what could happen within the next two years of her life. The phrase "God only knows." is really perfect for how i feel about Catherine's future. In two years she could be in Thailand...whoa! Talk about bitter-sweet! Catherine going to Thailand would be awesome but seriously...moving all the way across the world? But its in Gods perfect hands.
Whitney...yeah well. Heres what im thinking...whit meets a guy. Guy is perfect. They marry. and this all happens within a couple years. But when was it about what i was thinking? Again, God has a plan. But all i can say...Im gunna miss her, like unbelievably much!
But lets say, hypothetically of course, that they all make it to when I go to college. Saying goodbye to not only them but to everyone here. I am so ready for college but in that respect...i am SOO not ready!
Listen to me, i am going on about college when that is two years away. But in reality that is such a short amount of time. I want to treasure every moment i have with these girls. It could be a year before one of them leaves my life...maybe for quite a long time.
Today was awesome because I got to spend time with Catherine! Which lately has been kind of scattered! I am getting to help her out on something that I am very excited about!
Now i get to spend entire days with my sister because i work with her! For 8 hours a day for 4 days a week, i get to spend time with her! How exciting is that? Its perfect, let me just tell you!
And Jess. Well I have been able to spend a couple days with her pre-wedding and then i spent a couple days with her at the beach post wedding. But now I might see her for the next few days...but then!!! She leaves for like 2 weeks or so! I'll miss her like crazy...and she better be ready for some love texts [random texts that say I love you].
I need sleep.

Trusting in God's more that capable hands,

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