Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Needed a Bit of The Good O'l Days

Whitta and Jessie spent the night last night!

It was just like the old days. The old days being last year;

Jess has always spoken about how The House used to be their house. When they were teenagers the house to be at was the good home of the Rays. And then it changed. The kids grew up and people started to move away, go to school, and get adult lives. But we moved here, when everyone was moving in the opposite direction. Our house became the new "House." Our house was the house everyone stared hanging out at.

This is when we met Jess and Catherine.

They were cool and funny and put all of us together and you got a group that didn't stop having fun. Smiles were everywhere, laughter was constant and late nights were our signature. Somehow we always ended up back at our house. So many late nights started to occur that a rule had to be put into place:

After 1am Ray Rule:
Whatever house you are at when the clock strikes 1am, stay there!

After that rule the summer was literally spent with a continuous Sleepover Approved Bedroom. Which means that my room, our room then, always was stocked with blankets, pillows, and extra sleep wear for any of our 1am nights.

I loved it; I loved them.

But the rule of life states that their can never be one "house" your entire life. So by the end of the summer Whitney, Jessica, and Catherine were apartment searching.

The ultimate sleepover...getting a apartment together.

By the beginning of my sophomore year and the beginning of September they were moving out of my room and moving into the new place.

Before Last night both of them hadn't spent the night since my birthday and before that...the summer! And of course I spend most of my spare time at the new place... "The Apt" ... but i still miss my room being covered with makeshift beds and waking up with my mom cooking breakfast for us. We dont fall asleep anymore talking or messing with Jess by saying some weird word like "Peanut Butter" and then getting quiet like we are going to bed! haha. We dont fall asleep in each other arms while we play with each others hair or fit 4 in a bed. I just miss it sometimes.

But by saying that I must say that I am so blessed by having these amazing friends/sisters that I can spend my days and nights with. The Apt is my weekend home and I adore it. I want to thank each one of those girls for being fantastic.

Last night was a great dream, now back to reality,

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